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Development Services Department

Proposed Stockton Station PUD Modification

A request to modify the Residential Restrictions for the Stockton Station subdivision was discussed at the September Planning Commission meetings as well as the October 14, 2015 meeting.  The request was to permit permanent and temporary basketball poles, backboards and rims in the front or side yards of any lot within Stockton Station. 

The the minutes below are from the September 9, 23 and October 14 meetings.

See the attached September 9 meeting minutes.  

See attached September 23 meeting minutes.  

See attached October 14 meeting minutes.

The Planning Commission had a final discussion and voted to deny the request at the October 14 meeting. 

​​For any questions or comments, please call (513) 867-5345 or email  

Beautiful Fairfield 2015 - The Home Improvement Contest

A significant home improvement is a source of pride for a homeowner... and the entire neighborhood. It is an investment in the community. The City of Fairfield is elated to sponsor the Beautiful Fairfield Home Improvement Contest to express appreciation to those who invested their time and resources to benefit our hometown.

Beautiful Fairfield is a friendly competition among those who recently have undertaken an interior/exterior improvement project, a significant exterior landscaping project, or a "green" project.  The winners for this year's contest were announced at the November 9, 2015 City Council meeting.  Click here to view the "before" and "after" pictures.


Development Site Plan Review

The City of Fairfield reviews development site plans weekly for all projects. The review process begins with the submission of a Site Plan Review Application and Checklist. For more information about the review process, follow this link.

Neighborhood Enhancement Action Team (NEAT)

The preservation of property values is important to homeowners and the City.  NEAT is a proactive neighborhood enhancement program that targets private and public property concerns such as property maintenance, brush and limb collection, storm and sewer maintenance, and crime prevention efforts.  The last mailing of the 2015 season has been sent to 382 residents residing in the area defined by the attached map.  Each letter includes a survey requesting feedback on common issues affecting residents.  The program is comprised of representatives from Building and Zoning, Public Works and the Police Departments working together to keep neighborhoods strong.

Building & Zoning Codes

Follow this link to learn more about various Fairfield codes, including the Building Code, the Zoning Code, the Fire Code, signage regulations and many other codified ordinances.


Property Maintenance Hotline (513) 867-5321

Neighbors of vacant property or properties with maintenance issues are encouraged to contact the Building Inspection & Zoning Division at (513) 867-5321 or to initiate City involvement. The name of the person filing the complaint is not reported to the property owner.

  Planning Commission Meetings   
  Wed, Nov 11 Agenda    
  Wed, Oct 28 Agenda Minutes  
  Board of Zoning Appeals Meetings  
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