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City of Fairfield, Ohio
City of Fairfield offices will be closed for Independence Day on Tuesday, July 4

October, 2012

Grass is growing in the park and landscaping has been installed attracting birds and wildlife.


September, 2012

Play area is taking shape. This picture shows the tree steppers and maze mound in the foreground and the talk tubes, windmill, restroom and picnic shelter in the background.


August, 2012

The half-mile walking trail around the park perimeter was paved.


July, 2012

Located along the golf course driveway, the retaining wall for the bus drop-off is under construction. The Park will be visited by many school students in Fairfield to learn about earth sciences.


June, 2012

Construction of the restroom and one of two picnic shelters. 


May, 2012

The interpretative pond has finally taken shape and has begun to hold water. The sides will continue to be graded and the geoweb will be installed to hold the aquatic plantings.


April, 2012

During the month of April many of the features in the park started to take shape such as the interpretive pond shown in the picture. The pond will be a place where students can learn about biology and pond ecology. In addition, it will be planted with native water flora that will attract an array of birds and other aquatic wildlife.


March, 2012

View from the location of the recently deconstructed house looking west on to the future location of the play area. This area will have hills to roll down, logs to walk on, slides to go down as well as a butterfly garden, talk tubes and a tunnel.


March, 2012

By March the house was removed with much of the interior going to Building Value's resale store. The concrete foundation was excavated, crushed and recycled.


February, 2012

The existing house was deconstructed by Building Value, a non-profit organization that teaches construction skills to unemployed people. The goal is to help them obtain jobs in the construction industry.

85% of the house was either recycled or resold.


February, 2012

Deconstruction differs from demolition in that it is the process of taking the house a part by hand while demolition uses heavy equipment to knock the house down. While demolition is quicker, deconstruction allows items such as doors and cabinets to be reused.


February, 2012

Grading work began mid-February thanks to the mild winter. This is a view front the top of the hill looking west. Much grading work is required on-site to create the pond, construct the ADA compliant walking trail and the parking lot for visitors.