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Huffman Park

Since the grand opening of Huffman Park in the fall of 2012, residents have been enjoying the facilities at another great park in Fairfield.   A new feature at the park is community gardens that are available to residents to grow their own vegetables (click here for community garden information).  Currently the Parks and Recreation Department is offering a variety of nature programs, educational workshops and summer camps.

The Park, which is located adjacent to South Trace Golf Course on John Gray Road, is interactive complete with learning stations and a play area.  The play area is filled with features found in nature such as a balance beam log, tree steppers, ring of boulders and two mounds, which will have slides and a tunnel.  In addition, the play area will feature flower talk tubes, a butterfly climbing structure and a maze mound intertwined with landscaping.

The learning stations consist of a pond with aquatic plantings chosen to attract water fowl, an aeration windmill that is designed to keep the pond clean and keep mosquitoes at bay, a fruit and nut orchard as well as a butterfly garden.

Through the generosity of the Anna and Harold W. Huffman Foundation the land and over $900,000 was donated for the park. It is the goal of the City of Fairfield that this park carry on the living memory of the Huffman family and provide a place of enjoyment and learning for people of all ages.

  Huffman Park  

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