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City of Fairfield, Ohio

Planning Documents


20 Year Comprehensive Plan

The City of Fairfield updated its Comprehensive Plan in 2009.  The first major update to the Plan in over 25 years.  Conditions and trends have changed dramatically as a result of rapid growth and development requiring a major overhaul in order to make it more relevant to today's environment. 

The Comprehensive Plan provides a strategic long-term vision to help guide the City's future growth and development.  Usually of a general nature, with a long-range outlook, it considers both separately and collectively, all factors affecting growth, development and economic prosperity.  The Plan is not only an educational tool, but it also serves as a guide to public and private decision-making.  The Plan makes recommendations in the areas of land use, roadways, housing, economic development, public utilities, city services, schools, parks, open space and sustainability.


 Land Use Plan

The City of Fairfield Land Use Plan, updated in 2009 as part of the Comprehensive Plan, is the City’s official policy with regard to the form and pattern of future development.  It is used to direct growth by serving as a reference guide when considering rezonings, annexations, subdivisions and other items that pertain to the use of land within the City.  It is also used to direct planning for public infrastructure and to aid decisions for private sector development.

To obtain a copy of the Land Use Plan, please download or contact the Development Services Department. To view Land Use maps, please click on one of the following links below. 

> Land Use Plan
> Proposed Land Use for Existing Undeveloped Land
> Existing Land Use‚Äč


Thoroughfare Plan

The Thoroughfare Plan for the City of Fairfield, which was updated in 2009 as part of the Comprehensive Plan, is a guide used by public and elected officials for the development of future roadway improvement projects.  In addition, it is a planning tool used to establish future right-of-ways and plan the construction of new roads through the development process.  In order for the plan to remain current and productive, it was recommended that it be reviewed approximately every 10 years so transportation and market condition impacts could be evaluated upon the various thoroughfares in the City.

To Obtain a copy of the Thoroughfare Plan, please download or contact the Development Services Department.  To view the Thoroughfare Plan map, please click on one of the following link below.

> Thoroughfare Plan