City of Fairfield, Ohio
  serving our community with pride
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City of Fairfield, Ohio

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Zoning Districts

The city is divided into 17 categories of zoning districts as follows:

Agricultural - Residential Districts
A-1     Agricultural and estate district
R-0     One-family residence district
R-1     One-family residence district
R-2     One to four family residence district
R-3     Multi-family residence district
R-4     Low density multi-family residence district

Non-Residential Districts
B-1    Institutions and office district
C-1    Neighborhood business district
C-2    Central business district
C-3    General business district
C-3A    General business district (modified)
C-4    Commercial transition district
D-1 & D-1A    Downtown districts
M-1    Industrial park district
M-2    General industrial district
SE    Suburban entertainment district
ST    Service transition commercial/industrial district