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City of Fairfield, Ohio
City of Fairfield offices will be closed for Christmas Holiday on Wednesday, December 24 and Thursday, December 25

Financial Data

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The 2006 operating budget, which was prepared in the fall and submitted to Council at the end of 2005, totaled $55.3 million. The City’s administration also prepares a five-year Capital Improvement Program totaling $55.4 million, of which $9.3 million was for new projects in 2006.

Where the money comes from

The major sources of revenues for the City include income tax, charges for services, grants and entitlements and property taxes (see the chart below and the 2006 revenue table). The total revenues for fiscal year 2006 were $56,015,034. As reflected in the table on page 16, revenues were up in every category with the exception of debt proceeds. This decrease is due to the debt incurred to build the new Justice Center in 2005.

Where the money goes…

The two largest program functions in 2006 were Security of Persons and Property and Capital Outlay (see the chart below and the "Expenses" table in the 2006 Statement of Activities). Security of Persons and Property contains both the Police and Fire Departments and is historically the largest program within the City’s operating budget. Capital Outlay was significant due to several large improvements.

What the 1.5% income tax paid for in 2006

During 2006, Fairfield’s 1.5% income tax generated $22.1 million. The following is a breakdown of how the money was allocated:

  • 1.1% or $16.3 million which paid for general operations of the City of Fairfield.
  • 0.2% or $ 2.9 million which paid for street improvements for the City of Fairfield.
  • 0.2% or $ 2.9 million which paid for capital improvements for the City of Fairfield.

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