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Home Safety Checklist

Use the suggestions below to minimize the chances of your home being in one of the 390,000 home fires that occur each year in the United States.

Escape Plan

Do you have a home escape plan?

Does your family practice their home escape plan four times a year?

If there is not a window large enough in the bedroom for you to get out, have you installed an escape ladder for the second floor?

Designate two exits from each room.

Should a fire occur, get below the smoke.

In the event of a fire, never go back into the burning building for any reason.

Establish a family meeting place outside your home. In case of a fire, family members will meet at this spot.

If your clothes catch on fire ... stop, drop and roll.

Smoke Detectors

Are smoke detectors placed near bedrooms and stairs, away from air vents?

Do you check your smoke detector at least once a month?

Do you clean your smoke detector according to the manufacturer's recommendation?

Do you change the batteries two times a year?

Calling 9-1-1

Are emergency phone numbers, including 9-1-1, posted on or near the telephone?

Answer all the 9-1-1 call taker's questions and follow his/her instructions.

Speak slowly and stay calm.

Hang up only when instructed to do so.

A dispatcher is monitoring your call and emergency units are on the way while you answer the call taker's questions.

Provide specific information about the location of the emergency.

If available, send someone out to meet emergency personnel to direct them to the scene.

Unlock gates or doors leading to your home so emergency personnel can make entry.

Electrical Considerations

Are extension cords not used as a replacement for permanent electrical wiring?

Are electrical cords free of damage, fraying and not placed under rugs or over nails?

Are electrical appliances and extension cords UL listed?

When extension cords are used, is their maximum capacity not exceeded? Power strips with circuit breakers may be used for plugging in multiple devices.

Are all fuses in fuse boxes the correct amperage? Never install higher rated fuse than specified.

Do all electrical outlets and switches have cover plates and no exposed wiring?

Are extension cords not used for electrical space heaters?

Your Home's Exits

Are doors and hallways clear of obstructions?

Can exit doors be easily opened, without having to search for a key?

Matches and Lighters

Are all lighters and matches stored out of reach of children?

Matches and lighters are tools for adults, not toys for children.


Are firearms stored in a secure location, inaccessible to children?

Fire Extinguishers

Is there an operable fire extinguisher installed in the kitchen area and readily accessible?

Do all adults and older children know how to properly use a fire extinguisher (after the Fire Department is called)?

The Kitchen

Is grease cleaned frequently from stove top, range hood and range hood grease filter?

Home Heating

Are electrical space heaters placed no closer than three feet to combustible material?

Do you turn off your space heaters when leaving home or going to bed?

Are space heaters placed where they will not be knocked over?

Are combustion air openings to gas heating devices unobstructed?

Are all heating vent pipes and chimneys cleaned and kept free of obstructions?

Do you check the chimney of fireplaces and wood stoves at least once a year for openings into the attic space?

Is a screen snugly installed in front of the fireplace opening to contain burning embers?

Are ashes from the fireplace or stove places in a metal container with a tight-fitting lid?


Use large, heavy ashtrays that won't tip over.

Extinguish cigars, cigarettes and tobacco completely.

Keep smoking material away from the bedroom area.

Refrain from smoking when sleepy or under the influence of alcohol or medication.

Are ashtrays emptied into the toilet, rather than a trash container, or do you wet the ashes prior to disposal in the trash?


Are flammable liquids stored in approve, UL listed containers?

Are flammable liquids stored in well-ventilated areas and away from ignition sources, such as gas hot water heaters and gas furnaces?


Is all storage neat and orderly in the home?

Safety Videos

Home fire safety videotapes are available for loan, free of charge, from the Fairfield Fire Prevention Bureau. For additional information, please contact the Fairfield Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau at 513-867-5378.

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