City of Fairfield, Ohio
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City of Fairfield, Ohio

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Firehouse VisitsĀ & Parties

The Fairfield Fire Department loves to open its doors to residents, school classes and community groups.

To tour the department's stations, contact the Fire Department at 513-867-5379 or via e-mail at Fire Department staff will arrange a time that's convenient for your group.

Block parties also provide an excellent opportunity for fire prevention education training. If your neighborhood is planning a block party, contact the Fire Department to arrange for staff to bring a fire pumper to the outing for show-and-tell.

Birthday Parties

Children's birthday parties present a wonderful opportunity for fire safety and prevention education.

If you have a birthday party planned, contact us about including a fire engine in the celebration.

Fairfield Fire Department staff will bring a fire pumper to birthday parties for a show-and-tell for the kids. Fire fighters will then take the birthday child for a brief ride.

City of Fairfield
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Fairfield, OH 45014
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