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Appliance Removal

Appliances and other bulk items should be placed at the curbside along with your regular trash and/or recyclables on your appointed pick up day.

If an appliance is too heavy for one person to pick up, you may need to call Rumpke at 1-(800)-582-3107 at least 24 hours in advance to make special arrangements.


Doors should be removed from appliances to prevent serious injury or death to children.

If disposing of an appliance containing refrigerant, such as a refrigerator, freezer or air conditioning unit, the refrigerant MUST BE REMOVED prior to placing the item at the curbside for pick up. The item must have a tag or certificate attached indicating the refrigerant has been removed according to the Clean Air Act specifications. We suggest you contact your heating and air conditioning contractor to have the refrigerant removed.

For more information, please contact Rumpke at 513-742-2900.

Freon Appliances

Freon Appliance Collection —Recycle your used refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner or dehumidifier by calling Unwanted Appliances at 1-888-886-9268. Unwanted Appliances will collect FREON appliances at the curb for all Butler County residents at no charge. Service collection days are Mondays and Wednesdays, April—December, 2008.

Please note: there is a limit of two "like" appliances per household. For example, no more than two refrigerators, two freezers or two air conditioners will be collected. Appliances must be free of food, with all containers empty.

Appliance Recycling Days

The Butler County Solid Waste Management District also sponsors appliance recycling days throughout the year.

These events are free to all Butler County residents, who may bring up to five appliances per household. A contractor is selected to perform fluid extraction and recycling, so freon does not need to be removed from your appliances prior to the recycling event.

By providing an outlet for unwanted or non-working appliances, the Solid Waste Management District ensures a cost-effective and environmentally sound method of disposal/recycling for residents.

To learn more about appliance recycling days or find out when the next event will be held, contact the Butler County Solid Waste Management District at 513-887-3653 or visit