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City of Fairfield, Ohio
City of Fairfield offices will be closed for Independence Day on Tuesday, July 4

Fairfield Pets

Owners or keepers of pets are required to provide adequate and proper food, drink and shelter It is also wrong to beat or needlessly kill an animal, or to treat it in an inhumane manner.

Instances of abuse or cruelty should be reported to the Fairfield Police Department at 513-829-8201.

Animal Bites
All animal bites must be reported to the Butler County Health Commissioner within 24 hours. The animal inflicting the bite must be examined by a qualified veterinarian who will determine whether of not the animal must be quarantined.

If you own an animal that has bitten someone, or if you are the victim of an animal bite, you are required by law to report the bite within 24 hours. You should contact the Butler County Board of Health at 513-863-1770 or Fairfield Police Department at 513-829-8201.

It is important to get a description of the animal that has bitten. If the owner is unknown, try to keep the animal in sight until the animal control officer or police arrive.

Animal Regulations
Fairfield's animal control ordinances require that pets be controlled.

  • All dogs must be on a leash or confined in a fenced area.
  • Dogs must have a collar and display a current Butler County license.
  • Dogs must not be permitted to habitually bark or howl causing a disturbance.
  • Pit bulls are prohibited.
  • The number of dogs or cats, or combination permitted in a residence is not more than two.

Fairfield employs animal control officers to enforce regulations pertaining to animals. The officers will pickup animals found at large and transport them to the animal shelter. Animals may be picked up upon payment of the boarding fee.

For further information, contact 513-829-8201 and ask that an animal control officer call you.

Animal Shelters
The Butler County Animal Friends Humane Society routinely has animals available for adoption. Adopted cats and dogs are required to be spayed or neutered by the new owners. The shelter is located at 1820 Princeton Road, Hamilton.

The Animal Friends Humane Society can be found online at The site provides information about events and activities, volunteer opportunities and available pets.

In addition, through Animal Friends Humane Society's partnership with, owners may also place notices regarding lost pets at

For further information, contact the society at 513-867-5727

Cat Problems
While the City of Fairfield does not have a leash law for cats, we realize that sometimes free-roaming cats can be nuisances.

Households are limited to two cats, and cats must be vaccinated annually against rabies.

Cats are not required to display the rabies tag on a collar as dogs are. The Fairfield Police Department strongly recommends that owners confine their cats indoors at all times. The indoor cat escapes exposure to disease, traffic hazards and the cruelty of those annoyed by cats.

There are several solutions to cat nuisance problems. Rope!, an exterior animal repellant, can be used in areas where cats are a problem. In "sandbox" areas the feces should be removed or the soil replaced before Rope! is applied. If the owner of the problem cat is known, contact them and ask for their cooperation.

Live traps may also be available for the capture of elusive cats. Friendly ones may be transported in a sturdy box, carrier or pillowcase. All nuisance cats must be treated humanely and transported to Butler County Animal Shelter.

Contact Fairfield's animal control if you are experiencing a nuisance problem with a cat in your neighborhood. The phone number is 513-829-8201.

Dog Licenses
Dogs owned by residents of Butler County must be licensed each year. Licenses may be obtained in person at the Fairfield License Center at 530-L Wessel Drive in Village Green.

The license tag has an assigned identification number that identifies you as the owner should the dog become lost or separated from you.

If you haven't licensed your dog in the past, there is no penalty to license the dog for the new year.

For additional details on dog licenses, call the License Center at 513-829-6224.

Pet Waste
City law and courtesy to your neighbors require that the owner, keeper or walker of any dog must immediately remove the dog's excrement from public or private property. Violation of this ordinance could result in a fine up to $100.