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City of Fairfield, Ohio
City of Fairfield offices will be closed for Independence Day on Tuesday, July 4

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The City of Fairfield's Volunteer Program was established in 1994. From cleaning up City parks to
working as couriers, Volunteers work to make a difference throughout the year. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fairfield Volunteer Response (FAVOR) program is to provide a direct link between
the City and its citizens by offering a wide range of volunteer activities to help individuals become involved
with their City government, assist City staff, and become goodwill ambassadors for the City.

How does the program operate?

Volunteer positions are developed as needs are identified in discussions with designated Parks staff and Department Heads. Most volunteer positions are easy to complete. If needed, a description is written, outlining the job to be done, who will supervise, the time required and the qualifications needed.

  • Recruitment of volunteers is done through announcements and feature stories in City publications, presentations to groups and "word of mouth" from enthusiastic volunteers.
  • Orientation for volunteers is completed by the designated Parks staff. This includes an introduction to the City and information about the FAVOR Volunteer Program.
  • On-the-job training and supervision of volunteers are the responsibility of City staff. It is also their responsibility to provide safe equipment, appropriate supplies and adequate office space.
  • Records are kept on each volunteer, documenting their assignments and the hours they work.  This is essential to provide statistical information on the value of the Volunteer Program. It is also an accurate record of each volunteer's performance.
  • Recognition of volunteers is a key ingredient in a volunteer program's success. Recognition events can be fun and range from informal lunches to formal dinners. The City takes every opportunity to praise and publicize its volunteers with a special "thank-you" in each issue of the Fairfield Flyer. This public promotion of volunteers not only provides a way to recognize them and keep them coming back, but also helps in recruiting new volunteers to the program. Fairfield volunteers know they are appreciated and are doing something worthwhile. 

Who are our volunteers?

Volunteers come from all walks of life, all ages and all backgrounds. People with professional, technical and clerical work experience volunteer. Retirees and those who are still employed are part of the volunteer program, along with students of all ages and non-Fairfield residents.

How does the Volunteer Benefit?

Volunteers come to us for many reasons. Most citizens volunteer out of a sense of community pride, but there are other reasons, such as:

  • to gain job experience
  • to feel useful and needed
  • to get school credit
  • to keep active
  • to share their time/expertise
  • to feel a part of the City
  • to satisfy a personal interest
  • to learn new skills
  • to be with other people
  • to learn about City government
  • to maintain a positive interaction with your community