City of Fairfield, Ohio
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City of Fairfield, Ohio

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For February through June, 2014, the City of Fairfield would like to thank the following volunteers:

Bingo – Dr. Stanley Goodman

CAC Ushers – Carolyn Cassel, Debbie Daniels, Donna Hart, Mildred Holland, Bob Kinner, Sherry Knapp-Brown, Glenna Porter, Pat Ragland, James Roesener, Evan Schiller, Bob Schindler, Ruth Schindler, Anna Sheyn, Donna Snyder, Laverne Strittholt, and Jean Thomas

Groovin’ Grill – Greg LoBuono, Darvin Mueller, Bob Schultz, Jerry Sharp, and Marjorie Thoene

Home Improvement Expo – Bob Schultz and Jerry Sharp

Income Tax – Jean DeLorenzo, Mary Roeder, and Eli Shupe

Mail Couriers – Veronica Craig, Linda Foy, Fred Frey, Jim Jacobs, Greg LoBuono, Darvin Mueller, Joan Sebastian, Charles Ullrich, and Jerri Williams

Municipal Court – Shirley Howard, George Schwartz, Marian Tepe, and Franklin Thomas

Photography – Amy Fijas

RASKALS Breakfast – Nancy White

RASKALS Teams – Boy Scout Troop 960, Fairfield Civitan, Fairfield Young Life, The Hassler Family, and LDS Church Fairfield

Senior Lounge & 55 Plus Events – Michael Debo, Carol Griffiths, Pat Gutman, Donna Hart, Mildred Holland, Darvin Mueller, Bob Schultz, Jerry Sharp, Marjorie Thoene, and Jean Thomas

Village Green Events – Michael Jung, Juanita Reif, Joan Scanlon, Jack Snyder, and Spencer Yambrich