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Budget Billing Guidelines

Budget Billing is a free program that allows residents to establish a set bill amount each month.  This is not an automatic payment withdrawal service; however, a set bill amount each month makes it easier to utilize automatic payment services that may be offered by your financial institution.

Who is eligible to sign-up?

  1. Only residential accounts for owner-occupied properties are eligible for the service.

  2. In order to sign up for Budget Billing, your utility account must be at a $0.00 balance and in good standing for the past twelve months.

  3. Utility customers may sign up at any time; however we prefer that you have a twelve (12) month history at your current address.

How does it work?

  1. Utility Billing personnel will determine eligibility and calculate a customer's budget bill amount by averaging the most recent twelve months of billings.  If a customer does not have a twelve month consumption history, personnel will determine an average bill amount based on the consumption history available.  At lease six months of consumption history must be available in order to participate in the program.

  2. The customer will then begin receiving monthly statements equal to the calculated budget bill amount.  Customers will continue to see actual consumption and related charges on the budget bill.  This is important, as it allows the customer to evaluate consumption for reasonableness and to help detect any consumption abnormalities.

  3. Upon receiving your second Budget Bill statement, a running balance will appear on your billing statement in the form of an arrears or a credit (preceded by a negative sign).  This running balance refers to last month's ending balance before your current bill.

  4. You must pay your budget payment amount each month, even if you have a credit balance.

  5. The Budget Billing plan year is from March through February.  A customer may sign up for the service at any time; however all budget bill accounts will have an "even up" process during the month of February.

  6. An "even up" bill will be generated during the month of February in order to reconcile the arrearage or credit on the account.  At that time, if the account has a balance due, the entire account balance must be paid in full.  If the account has a credit balance greater than $20.00, the City will issue a refund check, or the customer may request that the credit be carried forward to the next budget plan year.  To remain on Budget Billing for the next year, you must pay your account down to a $0.00 balance.

  7. A notice will accompany your February "even up" billing statement.  Recalculated Budget Billing amounts for the next plan year begin with the March billing statements.

  8. Payments on Budget Billing accounts are still subject to late fees and delinquent account procedures if budget bill amounts are not received by billing due dates.  An account may be removed from budget billing if payments are not consistently received by the due date.

  9. If you pay by mail, or through a financial institution, we recommend that you pay at least seven (7) to ten (10)days in advance of your due date to assure that we receive your payment on time.  If you prefer to make your payment on the due date, we recommend paying on-line with your Visa, MasterCard or bank debit card.  Payments may also be placed in our depository box located on the south side of the City Municipal Building.

  10. If service is disconnected for non-payment, the total account balance plus a reconnection fee will be required to reconnect service and budget billing services will be discontinued.

  11. If an account is removed from Budget Billing for failure to pay, Budget Billing will not be reinstated for a 12-month period.

If you have additional questions, or to set up Budget Billing, please contact our Utility Billing Office at

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