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Recycling Cart Q&A

Q. Is there a charge to upgrade to the larger recycling container?
A. No. The larger recycling containers are available to Fairfield residents at no additional cost.

Q. Can I get more than one cart?
A. Yes. Additional recycling carts can be leased for $2.50 per month, billed quarterly. To order, please call Rumpke at 800-582-3107.

Q: What should I do with my old red bin?
A: Please use it for an indoor recycling station or for storage. Rumpke will not be collecting old bins. However, if it is broken, please place it in your new recycling cart so that it may be collected and recycled.

Q: What if my new recycling cart breaks?
A: The carts are under warranty. If your cart needs repairs or replacement, please contact Rumpke at (800) 582-3107. Rumpke will exchange your cart on your normal collection day in 2 to 3 weeks, at no charge to you. Once you have called for a replacement, please leave your damaged recycling cart at the curb on your normal collection day after it is emptied so a Rumpke driver can exchange it. A new cart will not be delivered unless the old cart can be retrieved from the curb.


Q: If I need a recycling cart, can I pick one up at the Fairfield Municipal building?
A: The city does not keep a supply of the recycling carts; however, we can assist in ordering you a new cart through Rumpke. Please note that there is an additional monthly charge for the use of multiple recycling carts.


Q: If I move, can I take the recycling cart to my new address?
A: No. The recycling cart should stay at the address where it was delivered. If you move to a new location within Fairfield and it doesn’t have a recycling cart, please contact Fairfield customer service to have a new one delivered.


Q: If my cart is lost, stolen or damaged, what should I do?
A: To report a lost or stolen recycling cart, please contact the Utility Billing Office at (513) 867-5370 to request a Stolen Cart Form.  Upon receiving this form, Rumpke will issue a new cart to your residence in 2 to 3 weeks at no additional cost.


Q: I chose not to upgrade to the recycling cart, but I would like one after all. Can I still get one?
A: Yes, please call (513) 867-5300 to request your cart, or complete an online order form. There is no additional cost.


Q: Do I need to separate recycled paper from cans and bottles?
A: No separation is needed. Everything can be placed loose in the same container. Rumpke uses single stream technology at its plant to separate materials collected at the curb. To learn more about the recycling process, please visit


Q: I live in an apartment or condominium complex that does not have recycling. What should I do with my recyclables?
A:  Apartments and/or condominium complexes may not be included in Rumpke’s contract with the City of Fairfield, and recycling containers may not currently be available to you with this new enhanced recycling cart program. Please check with your property manager on availability. If recycling is not available onsite, please use one of the many recycling drop boxes located in Butler County to recycle. For a complete listing, please CLICK HERE.



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