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Fairfield Municipal Judge Joyce Campbell to be science, technology expert

Campbell will complete ASTAR training in handling technology, scientific data in cases.

By Michael D. Pitman
Staff Writer

Fairfield Municipal Judge Joyce Campbell is going to be trained in handling legal disputes involving scientific and technological data as part of an Ohio Supreme Court initiative. Campbell is one of 15 Ohio judges' accepted into the second class for the Advanced Science and Technology Adjudication Resource program, which is operated through the Ohio Supreme Court's Judicial and Court Services Division. "It's a big investment by the state, and my fellow judges," Campbell said. "Science and technology are becoming more and more a part of the cases we're dealing with." ASTAR is a consortium of two states - Ohio and Maryland - that share the common goal of educating judges in science and technology issues. In addition to becoming more scientifically and technologically savvy, Campbell will be a resource for other Ohio judges as a consultant when they are facing complex cases. "This training will provide them with the knowledge they need to preside over complex cases. Through their participation in this program, they are leading the way nationally to a better understanding of scientific issues that impact our society and our courtrooms," said Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer. The program will not cost Campbell nor the city to attend. After the two-year training, Campbell must be available to fellow judges for up to five years for consultation. Classes begin in 2007. "Most lawyers aren't scientists," Campbell said. "Most were taught social science and we'll learn about DNA testing and is it reliable." The curriculum includes forensics, agriculture, reproductive medicine and computer science, and will be taught by the experts in the respective fields. Campbell is involved in various state judicial boards, including the Ohio Judicial Conference Administration and Court Reform Committee,. Association of Municipal! County Judges of Ohio, and Ohio Judicial Conference Specialized Courts Committee.

Pulse Journal 10/26/2006