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City of Fairfield, Ohio

City of Fairfield Boards and Commissions 

Applications are currently being accepted for open positions on Boards and Commissions.

You may submit the online application, or complete and submit a printed copy of the application form.

Application Deadline:  February 17, 2017

Fairfield's boards and commissions are comprised of residents of Fairfield who volunteer their time to assist the City in a variety of different ways. For a description of the duties, please visit board duties.

Most of the terms of office for these non-compensated, volunteer positions expire on March 31. Therefore, Council begins advertising for upcoming vacancies each year in January. Residents are encouraged to watch the local newspapers, TV18 (Fairfield's government access channel) and the City's Web site for these announcements.

For questions regarding Fairfield's boards and commissions, please call the Clerk of Council at 513-867-5383 Mondays through Thursdays, 9:15 AM to 3:00 PM.

Visit the links below for more information on some of the boards, meeting schedules, agendas and minutes.

Board of Zoning Appeals (Development Services)
The primary responsibility of the board is to interpret the provisions of the Fairfield zoning code and to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirement or decision of determination by an administrative officials in the enforcement of such codes. Board of Zoning Appeals Agendas.

Civil Service Commission
The Civil Service Commission of the City shall administer the Civil Service provisions of the genearl laws of Ohio for the classified employees of the City and school district.

Cultural Arts Advisory Commission (Parks & Recreation)
The Cultural Arts Advisory Commission serves as an advisory group to the Parks and Recreation Board on cultural arts activities within Fairfield with special attention to public education of the importance of arts programming, to enlistment of support from civic groups and businesses, and to exploration of cultural arts opportunities for the City of Fairfield. Cultural Arts Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes.

Design Review Committee (Development Services)
The Design Review Committee reviews development plans in the Town Center (D-1 Zoning District).

Environmental Commission (Parks & Recreation)
The City of Fairfield Environmental Commission serves as an advisory body to the City of Fairfield Parks and Recreation Board for the purpose of promoting Environmental Stewardship and maintaining and increasing the amount of tree cover on public and private land in Fairfield by coordinating, initiating and publicizing activities that affect the Community Forest and Community Environmental Resources. Environmental Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes.

Parks & Recreation Board (Parks & Recreation)
The City of Fairfield Parks & Recreation Board has the responsibility for enhancing the City's natural environment and enriching the quality of life for the citizens by overseeing a variety of leisure programs, facilities and services. Parks & Recreation Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes.

Planning Commission (Development Services)
The Planning Commission provides a vision for the ongoing development and growth of the city and its neighborhoods. It promotes and coordinates long-range planning, approves development plans and advises City Council on issues relating to growth and development. Planning Commisson Meeting Agendas and Minutes.

Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC)
The Traffic Advisory Committee provides a process for identifying and addressing problems related to speeding, excessive volumes, and safety on neighborhood streets.

Ward Boundary Review Commission
The purpose of the Commission is to review the 4 City wards to determine if they have substantially equal population in each ward. The Commission makes a recommendation to Council for their review and adoption. This Commission is created every 5 years and typically meets for 2-3 months starting in April.

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