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City of Fairfield offices will be closed for Independence Day on Tuesday, July 4

Preschool Camps

Registration for all other Summer Camps begins Tuesday,  April 29th for residents and Thursday, May 1st for non-residents.

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Recyclable Art Camp

(Previously- Hiking Green We Will Go)

AGES 3 - 6

Make sure your child wears their gym shoes for this class. Have fune while hiking and cleaning up the park. We go green, too, by creating our art projects with recyclable items. A small snack and drink are provided.

Date                 Day    Time                           Location                                    R/NR

Jun 2 – 4            M - W  9:30 - 11:30 am           Harbin Park Shelter #5                $45/$50

Instructor: Stephanie Hocter

Note that this class may use food containing nuts.


Curious George Camp with Young Rembrandts

AGES 3 - 6

Pre-school children explore the world of H.A. and Margaret Rey in this 5-day workshop full of art and reading. Each day we read different Curious George book. Afterward, we draw a Young Rembrandts lesson which incorporates one aspect of the book we just enjoyed reading together. Our creativity and imagination play together as we create wonderful drawings.

Date                Day     Time                            Location                                  R/NR

Jun 9 - 13        M - F      1 - 2 pm                       CAC Children’s Room                 $70/$75

Instructor: Young Rembrandts Instructor


Princess Dance Camp - NEW

AGES 3 – 6

Every little dancer wants to be a princess! Join us as we" Bippity Boppity Boo" until it's time to "Let it Go!!” This is a new dance camp created for our youngest dancers! We celebrate each day with a different Princess theme while we learn the basics of being a ballerina. We will also make special crafts and enjoy a small snack each day. Join us on Friday as we present our "parade of princesses" and show what we have learned all week. Dancers must wear a leotard and have proper ballet shoes.

Date                           Day                 Time                Location                                   R/NR Fee      

Jun 9 - 13                    M - F                 2 – 4 pm           CAC Community Room               $55/$60       

Instructor: Jeannie Meyers & Andrea Parks


Preschool Tech Camp

AGES 3 - 6

Discovery Kids Puterbugs is a breakthrough, early childhood enrichment program that teaches young children STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through imaginative learning adventures that are aligned to the Common Core Standards. Introducing STEM skills to children as they learn language and communications skills can have excellent results. Early literacy, listening comprehension, creative thinking, and problem solving are threaded throughout the lessons that promote a positive attitude toward learning.

This program gives children the proper training to use computers safely and effectively. Learning the technology they will use in school, including mouse and keyboarding, will help them perform better on standardized testing administered on computers starting in Kindergarten. Give them a jump start on mastering these important skills!

Each class features your child as the main character of an exciting learning adventure, guided by a trained and certified local provider. Small class sizes and low 5:1 student/teacher ratio guarantees individual attention. After solving a different mission in class every week, participants receive FREE exclusive access to the online class to reinforce skills and extend the experience at home!

Session            Date                Day                  Time                    Location                              R/NR

Summer A    Jun 9 - 12           M - Th      10:15 - 11:15 am     CAC Children’s Room       $60/$65

Summer A     Jun 9 - 12          M - Th      11:30 - 12:30 pm     CAC Children’s Room       $60/$65

Summer B     Aug 4 - 7           M - Th      10:15 - 11:15 am     CAC Children’s Room       $60/$65

Summer B     Aug 4 - 7           M - Th      11:30 - 12:30 pm      CAC Children’s Room      $60/$65

Instructor: Kim Draginoff, Discovery Kids Puterbug Instructor


SpanishFUN Camp - Fiesta Days!

AGES 3 - 6

Students learn and practice Spanish in a fun and interactive way! Classes are taught using a mixture of songs, games, crafts, stories, written worksheets, toys/props, and quizzes. A progress report is included each day with a list of new Spanish vocabulary/phrases that were covered. Topics vary by session but include Spanish-speaking culture. Classes are great for children with little-to-no Spanish exposure as well as those who are fluent or native in Spanish.

Date                  Day                    Time             Location                                 R/NR

June 16 - 20     M - F                   1 - 2:30 pm       CAC Children’s Room       $75/80

Instructor: Sarah Schulte, SpanishFUN of Ohio


Mini Scientist Camp

AGES 3 - 6

Your little mad scientist will be measuring, mixing and experimenting in order to uncover basic science concepts. Themed lessons are introduced through creative and engaging activities that encourage and celebrate your child’s natural curiosity.

Date                  Day                Time                Location                             R/NR

Jul 28 - 31       M - Th                1 - 2:30 pm       CAC Children’s Room    $55/60

Instructor: Marcy Martin


Prince, Princess and Pirates Camp

AGES 3 - 6

One day your little one may dress up like a princess/prince but the next day they may come home saying, “A’Hoy Matey.” This is a fun-filled camp where your child uses their imagination and dresses up. A tea party, treasure hunt and crafts are a few of the fun activities enjoyed at this camp.

Date                 Day      Time                          Location                                  R/NR

Jul 29 –Jul 31 T - Th     9:30 - 11:30 am        Harbin Park Shelter#5             $45/$50

Instructor: Diana Herrmann

Note that this class may use food containing nuts.


Dora and Diego Harbin Adventures Camp

AGES 3 - 6

Don’t need to bring a back pack to this class because you get to make one in this fun-filled art camp, one of many fun activities during the three-day camp. Adventures using your imagination  to travel around the world, games and crafts are some of the other fun. Come join us to find out where our travels will take us. A small snack and drink are provided each day.

Date                 Day    Time                            Location                                  R/NR

Aug 12 –14     T - Th  9:30 - 11:30 am           Harbin Park Shelter#5             $45/$50

Instructor: Diana Herrmann

Note that this class may use food containing nuts.

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