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Inclement Weather Policy


City of Fairfield, Ohio
4-4 Program Cancellation - Inclement Winter Weather
4.0  Purpose:
To establish policy and procedures when circumstances arise in which programs may be cancelled due to inclement winter weather.
4.1  Definitions:
A. CLASSES: are defined as registered or drop-in programs that are leader-directed and offered at a predetermined time.
B. ACTIVITIES: are self-directed programs or services that do not require registration. 
C. SCHEDULED EVENTS: are defined as meetings, private rentals, theater rentals, theater productions, and special events taking place at a facility during a predetermined time.
D. CAMPS: are defined as an all-day children’s program that occurs when school is not in session or on a holiday break.
4.2  Procedures:
At times, unforeseen circumstances can disrupt operations and force management to cancel programs.  In making these determinations, Management Staff carefully considers the safety and security of the general public and department staff.
A.  Cancellation of Classes Due to Inclement Winter Weather
The decision to conduct CLASSES during the hours of 8 am – 4 pm, Monday through Saturday, will be made by 8 am.
If Fairfield City Schools close due to inclement winter weather, all CLASSES offered through the Parks and Recreation Department / Fairfield Community Arts Center will be cancelled until 4 pm.  Any CLASSES that are scheduled at a Fairfield City School location will be cancelled for that evening as well.
The decision to conduct evening CLASSES starting at or after 4 pm will be made by 2 pm.
B.  Factors to Consider
1. Is school cancelled?
2. Road conditions
3. Weather forecast
4. Consult with Director
C.  Clarification
If facilities remain open, all SCHEDULED EVENTS, CAMPS, and ACTIVITIES will occur as planned.  Clients with SCHEDULED EVENTS may choose to cancel their events.
D.  Notification of Cancellation
The department will issue cancellation announcements through its current media outlets, city website, and signage at facilities.  Information will also be available on the automated hotline at (513) 896-8400.


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