City of Fairfield, Ohio
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City of Fairfield, Ohio

Planning Division

The Planning Division serves the public by providing information to elected and other city officials to assist them in making decisions about growth and development of the city. The division is responsible for enforcing land use regulations, developing long-range plans to meet future citywide needs and guiding physical development in the city.

The Planning Division performs the following duties:

  • Manage rezoning and PUD requests, conditional use permits and subdivision applications
  • Coordinate all new development site plan reviews
  • Update the zoning ordinance
  • Prepare and maintain the land use plan, thoroughfare plan and comprehensive plan
  • Provide support staff to Planning Commission and Design Review Committee
  • Apply design guidelines to the D-1 Downtown Zoning District
  • Prepare long-range and area plans
  • Develop long-range growth strategies
  • Provide geographic information systems (GIS) support

Planning Division Resources:

> Planning Commission
> Design Review Committee
> Development Site Plan Review
> Zoning Districts
> Planning Applications and Forms
> Schedule of Fees
> Planning Documents
> Utilities Building Fee Calculation
> Construction Handbook