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City of Fairfield, Ohio
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News Release

2-18-2015...Beware Of Recent Telephone Scams

There a several telephone scams occurring in the city that are being reported to the police department.

The callers pose as employees of the IRS, Duke Energy, and the Jamaican Lottery and advise the victim that he or she owes them money for various reasons. There are even calls from a man identifying himself as Deputy James Marshall from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. This person claims the victim failed to show for jury duty and needs to pay a fine.

In all of the scams, the victim is asked to purchase a credit, debit or prepaid card from a particular store and to put a pre-determined amount of money on the card. The caller advises the victim to call them back after purchasing the card and then asks the victim for the card number. Once the caller has this number, they are able to withdraw the money from the card. It is very difficult for the police to retrieve any of the victim's money.

The agencies or businesses that these people claim to represent would never conduct business in this manner. If you receive a call from someone asking or demanding money for any reason, obtain their information and then contact the business or agency yourself. It is always appropriate to ask questions and a legitimate employee will be happy to identify themselves and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions regarding a possible telephone scam, contact the Fairfield Police Department for assistance.

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