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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions concerning streets and Public Works services:

 Where do I call for street maintenance complaints?

The Public Works Department may be contacted at 513-867-4200 for all street and right-of-way repairs. In addition residents may submit a needed street repair report online by visiting our road repair page.

How do I dispose of tree limbs or brush?

The city offers a call-in brush pickup service that runs from April 1 through the third week of October each year. On the second Saturday of each month brush and limbs up to 4-inches in diameter can be dropped off by residents at 4935 Groh Lane between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Brush and limbs can also be tied into bundles not more than two-feet by four-feet and set out for Rumpke to pickup on your regular trash collection day. For larger limbs residents can sign up in person at the Public Works Facility for use of a city dump truck. Please visit the Operation Dump Truck page for more information.

Who do I talk to about getting my garbage picked up?

The city contracts with a trash hauler. Currently Rumpke provides this service for Fairfield residents.

Where is the city's landfill?

The city does not have a landfill. Rumpke, the city's contracted trash hauler, operates a landfill.

How do I dispose of my leaves?

The city conducts a leaf collection program for residents each fall between the first part of November through the last part of December. Leaves only should be placed in rows or piles behind the curb adjacent to the street but not in the street. If leaves are placed in the streets then runoff with floating leaves can enter or block local storm drains possibly causing flooding or polluting streams and/or the aquifer. Specific information on scheduling dates for your area can be found on cable TV Channel 18. Residents who choose not to participate in this program may put their leaves in biodegradable bags for pickup by Rumpke on your regular trash collection day.

As a property owner, am I responsible for the removal of snow on the sidewalk in front of my home?

Yes, the property owner is responsible for the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks during inclement weather by 10 a.m. each morning. The treatment of sidewalks by residents helps school children and other pedestrians reach their destinations and avoid the dangers of adverse weather conditions. Please visit our sidewalk snow removal page for additional information.

If a streetlight on my street is not functioning, how do I report the problem?‚Äč

Streetlight trouble may be reported to Duke Energy via telephone at 800-544-6900 or at this website. To make a report, you will need to provide the location's street address or pole tag number. Butler Rural customers are asked to call 513-867-4400.

How do I dispose of my old large appliances (e.g. washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher)?

Appliances should be placed at the curbside on your regular trash pick-up day. If disposing of an appliance containing refrigerant, such as a refrigerator, freezer or air conditioning unit, the refrigerant must be removed by a heating and air conditioning contractor prior to placing the item at the curbside for pick up. Visit our appliance disposal page for more information or contact Rumpke at 513-742-2900.

What type of storm sewer maintenance does the city perform?

City work crews will inspect, clean, repair and replace damaged structural storm sewer components that are located within the public right-of-way or public drainage easements. Such components would include curb inlets, catch basins, culverts, headwalls and storm sewer pipe segments. For additional information about the city's storm water quality management program and storm sewer maintenance, please visit out storm water quality management program page.

Who do I call about storm sewer problems?

The City's Public Works Department at 513-867-4200 maintains storm sewers. Storm sewers are identified as the large grates in streets and near curbs.

What is the brush chipping program?

On the second Saturday of each month, residents may drop off limbs at the north end of Waterworks Park on Groh Lane. The program operates from 8 a.m. until noon. You must be a Fairfield resident to use this program.

When can the police remove a vehicle?

The Fairfield Police Department is authorized by law to remove:

  • any vehicle left unattended upon any street for forty-eight hours;
  • any vehicle that is illegally parked that constitutes a hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic; or
  • any vehicle that is left on private property for more than seventy-two consecutive hours without the property owner's permission.
  • Abandoned junk motor vehicles from public or private property.

Owners of illegally parked or unattended vehicles are liable for citation and towing fees. For further information, contact our Community Services Division at 513-896-8292.

Traffic: What are the traffic laws for bicycles, mopeds and go-carts?

All persons operating a bicycle or moped must obey official traffic control signals, signs and other traffic control devices that apply to vehicles, unless otherwise directed by a police officer.

Signs indicating that right, left or U-turns are not permitted must be obeyed except where the person dismounts from the bicycle and obeys normal pedestrian regulations. Any person riding upon a roadway shall ride as close as possible to the right-hand side of the roadway.

It is also illegal for any person to carry another person on a bicycle, unless the bicycle is designed and equipped to carry another person. Go-carts are not permitted on the public streets.

Any person operating a moped must be at least 14 years of age, and must have a valid moped license. All mopeds or bikes must be equipped with a bell, siren or whistle to warn others.

Moped and bikes must also be equipped with a white light on the front, and a red light or red reflector on the rear. Both the red light and red reflector on the rear are required when operating at night.

For additional information, contact the Community Services Division at 513-896-8243.

Animals: Who is responsible for removing dead animals?

The City of Fairfield will remove dead animals in the roadway. Call the police department at 513-829-8201 and the problem will be taken care.

Removal of dead animals from private property is the responsibility of the property owner. Your veterinarian can help you with a referral.

Traffic: Do I need to report an accident?

If you are involved in an accident, there are several things you are legally required to do.

First, you must stop at the scene of the accident or as close to the scene as possible.

Second, give any help you can if someone is obviously injured. Don't attempt to move an injured person from a wrecked vehicle unless you have the necessary medical training or there is another immediate danger, such as a fire.

Third, report the accident to the police as quickly as possible. This includes accidents that occur on private property, that involve injury or death.

Fourth, exchange information with other people involved in the accident as soon as possible. This includes name, address and driver's license number of other drivers; license plate numbers; names and addresses of anyone injured; names and addresses of any witnesses; name, address and insurance policy number from other vehicle owners. Be sure to notify your own insurance company immediately. You should also see a doctor at the first opportunity. You might be injured and not know it. Find out more.

Traffic: How can I report a traffic-related problem?

Use our online form to report problems.

Where can I report a leaking fire hydrant?

To report a leaking or otherwise defective fire hydrant, contact the City of Fairfield Public Utilities Water Division at 513-858-7775.

Where can I report abandoned vehicles parked in fire lanes or on public streets?

To report a car abandoned on a public street or parked in a fire lane, contact the Fairfield Fire Department at 513-829-8201.

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