City of Fairfield, Ohio
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City of Fairfield, Ohio

Block Parties - Streets Not Available

The following streets cannot be closed or blocked for neighborhood block parties.

Acme Drive
Annandale Drive (Wildwood)
Anthony Wayne Avenue
Antioch Drive
Auberger Drive
Augusta Blvd.

Banker Drive
Beech Avenue
Benzing Drive
Bibury Road
Blackburn Avenue
Bobmeyer Road
Boehm Drive
Boymel Drive
Bruton Parish Way

Camelot Drive
Castleton Drive
Casual Drive
Celedon Avenue
Chateau Way
Chesapeake Way
Clara Bea Lane
Cole Drive
Corporate Court
Corydale Drive
Crestview Avenue
Crestview Drive
Crestwood Lane
Crystal Drive

Danbury Lane
Danbury Road
Denison Drive
Deis Drive
Distribution Circle
Dixie Highway
Donald Drive
Doris Jane Avenue

East Gate Drive
East Highwood Drive
Evalie Drive

Factory Drive
Fairfield Avenue
Fairfield Business Drive
Firestone Drive
Forest Fair Drive

Gelhot Drive
Gilmore Drive
Gray Road
Gregorian Drive
Groh Lane

Happy Valley Drive
Hardel Drive
Henesy Lane
Hicks Blvd.
Holden Blvd.
Holiday Drive
Homeward Way
Hunter Road

Industry Drive

John Gray Road
Jupiter Drive
Kings Arms Way
Kingsbury Road
Kolb Drive

Lake Circle Drive
Lake Cumberland Drive
Lake Manor Drive
Lake Michigan Drive
Lakeside Drive
Lesaint Drive
Leway Drive
Lindale Drive
Lindenwood Lane
Littlebrook Drive
Louise Avenue

Mack Road
Magie Avenue
May Avenue
Meijer Drive
Michael Lane
Mississippi Drive
Monastery Drive
Monica Drive
Morningside Drive
Morris Road
Mt. Vernon Drive
Muhlhauser Road
Murray Place
Muskopf Road

Neptune Way
Nilles Road
N. Gilmore Road
Northpointe Drive

Oakbrook Drive
Oak Tree Drive
Oberlin Drive

Palm springs Drive
Parkland Hills Drive
Pleasant Avenue
Pleasantdale Terrace
Port Union Road
Production Drive

Red Oak Drive
Redwood Drive
Resor Road
Reswin Drive
Ricky Drive
River Road
Rolling Hills Blvd.
Ross Road

St. Thomas Court
Salem Avenue
Sando Drive

Security Drive
Seward Road
Shearwater Drive
Shenandoah Drive
Sherry Lane
Sigmon Way
Sir Lancelot Lane
Sosna Drive
South Gate Blvd.
S. Gilmore Road
Southview Drive
Southwind Drive
Stockton Road
Symmes Road

Tallawanda Drive
Terrace Court
Thunderbird Lane
Tylersville Road

Van Cleves Place
Varsity Court
Venus Lane
Vernon Place
Veterans Drive
Vinnedge Avenue

Walter Avenue
Wesleyan Drive
Wessel Drive
Windermere Lane
Winton Road
Woodridge Blvd.
Woodside Drive
Wyoming Avenue

Yellowstone Drive


Public Works
City of Fairfield
8870 N. Gilmore Road
Fairfield, OH 45014
(513) 867-4200 (phone)
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