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Right-of-way Permits and Applications

Construction work performed within the city's right-of-way must be inspected by the Public Works Department.

This includes sidewalk, driveway aprons, curb, gutter, storm drainage, sewer line tie-ins, water main tie-ins, street construction and/or repairs and street cuts.

Depending on the type of work involved, one or more permits may be required from the City prior to construction in the right-of-way.  (Permit Request Policy) For these projects, appropriate permit applications and fees must be submitted at the Fairfield Municipal Building, 5350 Pleasant Ave.

Curb Cut/Driveway Permit

This permit is required for the modification or repair of new and existing driveways between the property line and the street. The curb cut/driveway permit application fee is $10 for residential driveways and $25 for commercial driveways.

An application form for a curb cut/driveway apron permit may be obtained at the Municipal Building, 5350 Pleasant Avenue, Building Division or downloaded here.

Right of Way Permit

The Right-of-Way permit is required for any work that will be done within the public right of way, except for an open cut or bore, which requires a separate permit (see below).  All work within the right of way must include restoration within the City's standards.  There is no cost to this permit and it may be downloaded here

Open Road Cut Permit

This permit is required for any project involving an open construction cut in a public roadway. All open cuts must also be restored in accordance with city specifications. The open road cut permit application fee is $20.

An application form for an open road cut permit application may be obtained at the Municipal Building, 5350 Pleasant Avenue, Building Division, or downloaded here.

Storm Sewer Connection Permit

This permit is required for constructing a connection with the public storm sewer system. Per city regulations, such a connection can only be used to discharge storm water, building foundation drainage and other unpolluted water. The storm sewer connection permit application from is downloaded here.

Railroad Crossing Permit

This permit is required for a temporary road closure at a railroad crossing.  There is no cost to this permit, which can be downloaded here.


Right-of-Way Inspection Form

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More Help Available

If you would like additional information, please call 513-867-4200 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

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