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The City of Fairfield includes street improvement projects in the Public Works Five (5) Year Capital Improvement Program. Improvements are scheduled on an annual basis according to the need and available funding resources.

Street improvements include resurfacing, traffic signal installation, widening and other major improvements which are not categorized under normal street maintenance programs.

Information on the status of current or future projects may be obtained by contacting the Public Works Department at 513-867-4200 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Road Closures/Traffic Advisories

08/29/14 - The City has contracted to do various  improvements to Winton Road between John Gray Road & Route 4, Seward Road between Route 4 & Port Union, and Ross Road between Mack Road & Woodridge Boulevard.  The roads are not scheduled to be closed  (A separate project will close Ross Road between Woodridge Boulevard and Springdale later this fall).  The contractor has been maintaining traffic with flaggers but during some operations traffic can be delayed for several minutes.  There will be several stages of construction including some shoulder widening, road repairs, milling, pavement fabric, asphalt overlay, and pavement markings so there will be delays off and on for the next couple of months.  Most of the construction is a mobile operation so the roads will be free of delay far more often than not but motorists should be advised that there will be some delays. 

For a list of current and upcoming road closures in and around Fairfield:
Butler County - Butler County Eningeer's Office
Southwest Ohio -  ODOT District 8

Current and Upcoming Road Projects

I-275 Exit 39 (South Gilmore/Winton Road) Interchange Modifications
This is a joint project between the City of Fairfield, Ohio Department of Transportation, and Forest Park. This project is anticipated to be phased into five (5) separate phases. These anticipated phases include northbound bridge widening, southbound widening of South Gilmore Road from north of Kolb Drive to the I -275 westbound ramp, and northbound South Gilmore Road widening from the I-275 interchange to Mack Road. Anticipated funding has been agreed to by both Forest Park and City of Fairfield. Funding to include a secured grant from OKI for $6.7M. Additional grant funding of $5M from ODOT and $1.4M from OPWC is anticipated. 
Project Bid: August 25, 2011
Bid Price: $10,379,083
Contractor: Complete General
Estimated Completion: Summer 2014 

Winton - Ross - Seward Road Improvements
This is a widening, repair, and resurfacing project.  An inter-laying material, new surface course, thermoplastic pavement markings, and raised pavement markings will be installed the entire length of the work limits.  The existing pavement is past its useful life and with the amount of traffic, the pavement mill and replacement, as well as shoulder addition will be a needed infrastructure and safety improvement.  This project will include 2.5 miles of Winton from John Gray to Route 4, 0.5 miles of Ross from Mack to Woodridge, and 1.0 mile of Seward from Route 4 to Port Union.  Final construction limits will be determined pending bid results.  Average daily traffic is over 10,000 vehicles per day on Winton, nearly 7000 on Ross, and approximately 8200 on Seward.  The traveling public should expect no significant delays for much of this project though lane closures will be necessary for some of the work.  Seward Road at the CSX railroad crossing may need to be temporarily closed to perform work in this area.  $800,000 in funding is anticipated from OPWC (Ohio Public Works Commission).
Project Bid: Summer 2014
Estimated Construction Cost: $1,540,000
Estimated Completion: December 2014

Ross Road - Danbury Road to Kenn Road
This project will widen the southbound lane of Ross Road from Kenn Road (Springdale) to Danbury Road. The project includes tree removal, curb and gutter, storm sewer, and sidewalk. The work is scheduled for the 2014 construction season.  Approximately 900' of Ross Road is included in this project.  Average daily traffic is about 6000 vehicles per day.  Ross Road at Kenn Road will closed for 30 days during the summer months.  $100,000 in funding is anticipated from OPWC (Ohio Public Works Commission).
Project Bid: Summer 2014
Estimated Construction Cost: $150,000
Estimated Completion: 2014

Pleasant Avenue Improvements - John Gray to Augusta
Pleasant Avenue will be widened to accommodate a lengthened southbound left turn lane and a center turn late between John Gray Road and Augusta Blvd.  Work includes storm sewer improvements, utility adjustments, guardrail improvements, pavement overlay and new pavement markings.  A recent safety study found a higher rate of southbound accidents and recommended the work included in this project.  Average daily traffic is approximately 16,700 vehicles per day.  Motorists can expect lane closures and some delay during construction.  No road closures are anticipated.  This project will be administered by ODOT and is funded 90% by an ODOT safety grant and 10% local funds.
Project Bid: Fall 2014
Estimated Construction Cost: $350,000
Estimated Completion: Summer 2015

Holden Blvd./South Gilmore Rd./Route 4 Intersection Improvement
As one of the busiest and most accident-prone intersections in the City, this project's aim is to improve both the flow of traffic and the safety of those entering the intersection.  $2.4  million dollars in funding has already been awarded by the ODOT Central  Office Safety Program.  Prior to the completion of detailed studies and engineering design, the plan is to widen the intersection to accommodate additional turn lanes onto Route 4 and an additional thru lane from Holden to South  Gilmore.  The traffic signals will be upgraded to include mast arm signals and illuminated advance lane use signs.  Average daily traffic is approximately 13,670 along South Gilmore, 13,880 along Holden Blvd., and nearly 35,000 along Route 4.  The traveling public can expect significant disruption at this intersection.  Parkland Hills Drive will be closed for some of the project to accommodate the realignment of South Gilmore Road.  Access to all businesses will remain open for the duration of the project.  (News Media: Cincinnati Enquirer, Hamilton Journal News 12/11, Hamilton Journal News 9/12).
Project Bid: 2015
Estimated Construction Cost: $1,500,000
Estimated Completion: 2016

Recently Completed Projects

Groh Lane Widening and Realignment
This project will bring improvements to the remainder of Groh Lane beginning in front of the Water Department and ending at the improved section north of the bridge.  A completely new roadway will be constructed with a full two lanes plus shoulder, pavement markings, limited curb, ditches, guardrail, and new storm water facilities.  South of the bridge, a new alignment will shift the roadway to the west onto City property.  This road serves the youth football fields, wastewater treatment complex, access to bike paths, and the future Field of Dreams project.
Project Bid: June 6, 2011
Bid Price: $239,953
Contractor: W.G. Stang, LLC
Completed: December 2011

Resor Road - Pleasant Avenue to Windermere Lane 
This project will re-profile Resor Road to lower the hill to improve sight distance. During the construction Resor Road will be closed to through traffic. The project includes tree removal, retaining wall installation, utility relocation, storm sewer, and sidewalk. This work is scheduled to occur during the 2011 construction season. 

Project Bid: June 2011
Bid Price: $857,783

Contractor: Welsh Excavating
Completed: November 2011

2012 Annual Overlay
The City's overlay program is an annual maintenance project that replaces deficient curb and resurfaces old pavement.  Each year, streets are selected to be included in this project based on the current condition and age of the pavement.  Residents, businesses and motorists can expect temporary delays and closures as crews perform the necessary work.
Curb Contractor: America's Decorative Concrete
Curb Budget Price: $500,000
Pavement Contractor: John R. Jurgensen Company
Pavement Budget Price: $450,000
Project Completion: September 11, 2012

Bypass 4 Widening - State Route 4 to Symmes Road
The project will construct an improved intersection at Route 4 and By-Pass 4, a new Diversion Road between Route 4 and By-Pass 4, add a new bridge over the CSXT railroad, widen the By-Pass from two to four lanes, and make improvements along Port Union Road.Improvements will include four new mast arm style intersections, overlaying of the entire pavement within the project limits, new signing and striping with overhead illuminated way-finding signs on Route 4 and on By-Pass 4.The geometry of Port Union Road will be improved across By-Pass 4, and Port Union Road will be widened and an enclosed storm sewer will be constructed.  The American Council of Engineering Companies in Ohio recently honored the City for the Bypass 4 Widening project.
Project Bid: April 19, 2010
Contractor: Sunesis Construction Co.
Bid Price: $9,256,826.79
Substantial Completion: July 2012

River Road Improvements - River Valley Ct. to Southgate Blvd. (Project Photos, Summary)
River Road will be widened to have 11' lanes with 2' shoulders in some areas. General roadway repairs will also be made before the entire length of the project is overlaid with fresh pavement.
Project Bid: June 25, 2012
Bid Price: $1,490,643.59
Contractor: Barrett Paving Materials, Inc.
Estimated Completion: Spring 2013

Pleasant Run Creek Riparian Corridor Conservation Project
As part of a continuing series of grants from FEMA and the Ohio Public Works Commission, the City is currently acquiring and demolishing flood prone homes in an effort to mitigate damage caused by periodic flooding. The acquired property is then permanently left as open space. Up to 17 properties will be acquired in this round of grants.
Project Bid: October 3, 2011
Bid Price: $99,855.60
Demolition Contractor: Evans Landscaping
Completion: November 2013

2013 Annual Overlay
The City's overlay program is an annual maintenance project that replaces deficient curb and resurfaces old pavement. Each year, streets are selected to be included in this project based on the current condition and age of the pavement. Residents, businesses and motorists can expect temporary delays and closures as crews perform the necessary work. Streets for this year's curb and overlay include: Security Drive, Thunderbird Lane, Vonderhaar Court, and portions of the Lake Michigan subdivision and Mississippi Drive.
Curb Contractor: Brad Evans Excavating
Curb Budget Price: $200,000
Pavement Contractor: Barrett Paving
Pavement Cost: $481,463.42
Project Completion: November 2013

Seward Road - Port Union to Union Centre (Project Photos)
Seward Road will be widened to accommodate a center turn lane with 12' travel lanes and 4' shoulders. Pavement base repairs will also be completed. Overhead utilities have already been moved to accommodate the additional pavement width. (Journal News Coverage)
Project Bid: March 4, 2013
Bid Price: $1,223,106.64
Contractor: Mount Pleasant Blacktopping
Estimated Completion: November 2013


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