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City of Fairfield, Ohio

Speed Advisory Radar Trailers

Fairfield has four speed advisory radar trailers. Highly popular devices for slowing traffic, these trailers display the posted speed limit and the actual speed of oncoming vehicles.

Use of these trailers heightens the awareness of motorists to their driving speeds and brings these speeds more into line with the posted limits.

Request Placement of A Trailer

To have your street placed on the revolving list for the radar trailers contact the Public Works Department at 513-867-4200 or submit the online form below.  These trailers are placed throughout the City in the months March thru November.

Personally identifiable information requested below is not required, but may be helpful should City employees have additional questions.

Please note: Use of the Request for Radar Trailer on My Street form should be limited to those residents who wish to have their street placed on the revolving list for the radar trailers. Residents who wish to make a specific report or complaint about traffic-related problems in the City of Fairfield are encouraged to visit the Fairfield Police Department's Traffic Complaint Form.

Public Works
City of Fairfield
8870 N. Gilmore Road
Fairfield, OH 45014
(513) 867-4200 (phone)
(513) 867-4205 (fax)