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The West Chester Joint Economic Development District (JEDD1)

City of Fairfield announces that it has entered into a multi-jurisdictional agreement with West Chester Township and City of Springdale to administrator a Joint Economic Develop District (JEDD). Effective as of 9/15/09 Business and employees working within the JEDD are required to pay municipal income taxes. A 1.0% tax shall be due on net profits and or qualifying wages earned within the JEDD. Currently there are two buildings in the JEDD located at 6380 and 6440 Aviation Way, West Chester, OH 45069.  The district is comprised of 43 acres located at the northwest corner of Union Centre Boulevard and Cincinnati-Dayton Road in West Chester.

Effective as of 9/15/09 Business and employees working within the JEDD are required to pay municipal income taxes. A 1.0% tax shall be due on net profits and or qualifying wages earned within the JEDD.  Businesses located within or doing business within the JEDD are asked to complete a business questionnaire.

Joint Economic Develop District (JEDD) Tax Forms

  WC JEDD1 Business Income Tax Return Form BR   forms    
  WC JEDD1 Declaration of Estimated Quarterly JEDD1 D1   forms    
  WC JEDD1 Business Income Tax Return JEDD1 BR   forms    
  WC JEDD1 Declaration of Estimated Quarterly JEDD1 ER   forms    
  WC JEDD1 Employee Return Form IR   forms    
  WC JEDD1 Withholding Monthly Form W1   forms    
  WC JEDD1 Withholding Quarterly JEDD1 W1   forms    

JEDD Board Meetings

RE: Business and/or Withholding Account for West Chester JEDD 1, Ohio

Dear Taxpayer(s):

Our office is sending a Business Questionnaire that is required to be filled out by all businesses withholding for and/or doing business in the West Chester JEDD 1. Please remit it to our office within ten (10) days from the receipt of this letter in enclosed envelope and if applicable, a list names, addresses and phone numbers of any and all sub-contractors.

Employees working in West Chester JEDD 1: It is required to withhold taxes on all employee qualifying wages at the rate of 1.0%. Qualifying wages are wages as defined by Internal Revenue Code Section 3121 (a) or generally the Medicare Wage box on the W-2. The remittance of the tax withheld from employees must be filed either on a quarterly or monthly basis. If the tax liability is greater than $300.00 in any given month, the remittance is due monthly by the fifteenth of the following month. Otherwise, it must be filed quarterly and is due one month after the end of each quarter. Failure to withhold local tax for employees will result in interest and penalty assessments on the tax owed and legal action by the JEDD 1 against the employer.

An Annual Reconciliation form that reconciles all the withholding payments made to West Chester JEDD 1 with the withholding on the W-2s is due by February 28th of the following year. Copies of all W-2’s involved with West Chester JEDD 1 must be attached to the reconciliation. Also, if the Medicare Wage box is not the largest wage figure on the W-2, a written explanation is required.

Doing business in West Chester JEDD 1. It is required to file an annual Business Return (BR). A 1.0% tax is imposed on net profits earned within West Chester JEDD 1 on the company’s’ Federal return filed with the Internal Revenue Service (e.g. Form 1120, Schedule C…), and on the owner’s share of pass thru entities (e.g. Form 1120S, 1065 …). A copy of the Federal Return is due with the Business Return. If the company is a sole proprietorship company’s owner will include his/her Schedule “C” income on a West Chester JEDD 1 - Business Tax Return (BR). If the company conducts business both within and outside the JEDD, Schedule Y, “Business Appropriation Formula”, determines the company’s tax liability percentage for the JEDD 1. In addition, Fairfield’s Ordinance allows annual losses to be carried forward against future profits for up to three (3) years.

All Business Returns must be filed within four (4) months of the fiscal year end. Extension Requests for filing must be submitted in writing to the Fairfield Income Tax Division on or before the original due date, and if applicable, a copy of the company’s Federal Extension request should also be submitted. If there are any questions, please contact our office at the number listed below or visit our website:

Thomas H. Hedge
Income Tax Administrator

Business Questionnaire

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