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A Few Facts About Fairfield Income Tax

Who has to file?
All residents of the City of Fairfield (including retirees) who are 18 years or older (regardless of income) and those 16 years and older (if working) must file an income tax return.

What has to be filed?
A valid individual return includes any W-2s and/or schedules and original signature(s).

When should it be filed?
The City tax return must be received in the Fairfield Tax Office by April 15, except 2010 tax returns which must be received by April 18 unless a taxpayer requests an extension, which also must be filed by the applicable due date. Extensions to file will only be granted to accounts in good standing.

Click here for the 2016 EXTENSION REQUEST FORM 


How can I get help?
Call 513-867-5327, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for free help in preparing your Fairfield return.

Individual (Resident) Tax Forms for the past 2 years

 2017 Blank Interactive Instructions
  Declaration of Estimated Taxes Form IR   blank        
 2016 Blank Interactive Instructions
  Declaration of Estimated Quarterly   blank   interactive    
  Individual Instructions Form IR           instructions
  Individual Return Form IR   blank        
  WC JEDD1 Employee Return JEDD1 ER   blank        
> For a complete list of tax forms and tax documents, click here.

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