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City of Fairfield, Ohio
City of Fairfield offices will be closed for Good Friday on Friday, April 3

Public Utilities Department

NEW - The City of Fairfield is proposing changes to its Design, Construction and Materials Specifications Manual. These changes may impact the materials, specifications and standards used for infrastructure development and re-development within the City of Fairfield.

Fairfield Public Utilities

The City of Fairfield Department of Public Utilities provides water and sanitary sewer services for Fairfield, Ohio. Over 44,000 domestic customers, Mercy Hospital South, and a number of commercial and industrial establishments receive the services. The Department is managed with a primary goal of protecting human health, preventing water pollution, and providing exceptional customer service.

This web sight can be used to manage your Public Utilities account, find out whom to call in case of a water or wastewater emergency, learn about the Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, find information on water quality and wastewater effluent quality, and receive an overall view of the services provided by the Department.

Fairfield's Water Treatment Plant

The City of Fairfield's Water Treatment Plant is located.....

Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Facility

The City of Fairfield Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility is located.....

Fairfield Water-Sewer Rates 4th Best in Region
The City of Fairfield ranked 4th for combined water and sewer cost on the 2015 Oakwood Water & Sewer Rate Survey. The Public Utilities Department continues its efforts at providing exceptional customer service and maintaining infrastructure with the City's rate payers best interests in mind. Oakwood Water-Sewer Rate Survey

Critical Water Users
The City of Fairfield provides a continuous supply of quality water to all residents within the service area. The citizens and businesses of Fairfield have come to expect a safe supply of water to be furnished on a continuous basis. Among the most critical users are health care facilities providing patient care and rehabilitation services. Click on this link for more information on Critical Water Users.

Electric Rate Comparison
Due to recent changes in electric rates the following information has been provided to answer some of the more common questions about those changes. Complete Details

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City of Fairfield
Department of Public Utilities
5021 Groh Lane
Fairfield, Ohio 45014

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