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Recycle to Win!

A competition of serious fun between Fairfield and Oxford (the two top recycling communities in Butler County) has begun as part of the BCSWD Recycle to Win Challenge. Each community is being challenged to take on its closest competitor to boost recycling rates. The reward... cash-back incentives from the BCSWD.

Bins for $5

Recycling containers are now being sold for just $5, which represents a $3 discount. Bins will even be delivered to any address within the City of Fairfield. To pick up your new recycling bin, bring your utility bill to the Municipal Building or call 867-5370. (Telephone purchases will require use of a credit card.) Offer expires December 31, 2008.

If you are not recycling, PLEASE consider starting a household recycling effort. It's habit forming, here's a list of all the items you can toss into that recycling bin.

Get the facts and have some fun; try out the Recycling Calculator.

Glass - All glass food and drink containers or jars

Metal cans - Aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans, steel food cans, and empty aerosol cans

Paper Products - Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper, paper grocery bags, cereal boxes and phone books

Plastics - Plastic bottles and containers that display the recycling logo numbers 1 or 2.

To learn how to recycle unusual or hard-to-dispose-of items, like computers, TVs, freon appliances, and hazardous wastes visit Butler County's Special Collection Webpage.

For more specifics and to learn how to recycle other items like batteries, visit City of Fairfield's Recycling Details Webpage.

It Does Make A Difference!

The energy saved by recycling makes a difference. Watch any environmental program and see what greenhouse gases are already causing globally, with polar ice caps melting and unusual shifts in weather patterns. Recycling reduces greenhouse gases.

Where to Put It?

Here's a creative use for recycled materials: the Discarded art competition at the Village Gree Fine Art Fair.

If you are not recycling because you don’t have a bin, consider stopping by the April 5 Fairfield Home Expo. Each year, 500 bins are offered without charge. At other times, bins are available at the City’s Utilities Office for a nominal charge.

And now there's a new recycling option, drop boxes in Fairfield. Click here to view a map of the drop box locations.

Point Pleasant Park, 2001 Resor Road
Water Works Park, 5133 Groh Lane
Grange Hall, 268 Joe Nuxhall Way (newly named)

Fairfield Aquatic Center, 2605 Augusta Blvd.

How is it measured?

Currently, BCSWD compares communities by the percentage of the trash they recycle. With each being different sizes, it's the fair way to make comparisons. In terms of sheer tonnage, Fairfield recycles 1,838 tons of materials annually, the most in Butler County. Oxford recycles 975 tons. But person for person, based on population, Fairfield recycles 10.5 percent of its waste compared to Oxford's 15.5 percent.

Currently, the bottom line shows a recycling rate of 7.5 percent for Butler County. The goal is to get that countywide rate above 10 percent.

In 2007, Fairfield earned recycling incentive awards from BCSWD in the amount of $12,628. That number would be $31,000 in 2008 as part of an increased incentive program offered to entice continued - and even increased - recycling commitments on the part of residents.

If Fairfield can motivate residents to recycle more than 15 percent of its trash in 2008, the City would receive an even higher incentive rate and a fatter check, well more than $40,000... now THAT's a lot of green!