City of Fairfield, Ohio
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City of Fairfield, Ohio
City of Fairfield offices will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 30


For February through June, 2014, the City of Fairfield would like to thank the following volunteers:

Bingo – Dr. Stanley Goodman

CAC Ushers – Carolyn Cassel, Debbie Daniels, Donna Hart, Mildred Holland, Bob Kinner, Sherry Knapp-Brown, Glenna Porter, Pat Ragland, James Roesener, Evan Schiller, Bob Schindler, Ruth Schindler, Anna Sheyn, Donna Snyder, Laverne Strittholt, and Jean Thomas

Groovin’ Grill – Greg LoBuono, Darvin Mueller, Bob Schultz, Jerry Sharp, and Marjorie Thoene

Home Improvement Expo – Bob Schultz and Jerry Sharp

Income Tax – Jean DeLorenzo, Mary Roeder, and Eli Shupe

Mail Couriers – Veronica Craig, Linda Foy, Fred Frey, Jim Jacobs, Greg LoBuono, Darvin Mueller, Joan Sebastian, Charles Ullrich, and Jerri Williams

Municipal Court – Shirley Howard, George Schwartz, Marian Tepe, and Franklin Thomas

Photography – Amy Fijas

RASKALS Breakfast – Nancy White

RASKALS Teams – Boy Scout Troop 960, Fairfield Civitan, Fairfield Young Life, The Hassler Family, and LDS Church Fairfield

Senior Lounge & 55 Plus Events – Michael Debo, Carol Griffiths, Pat Gutman, Donna Hart, Mildred Holland, Darvin Mueller, Bob Schultz, Jerry Sharp, Marjorie Thoene, and Jean Thomas

Village Green Events – Michael Jung, Juanita Reif, Joan Scanlon, Jack Snyder, and Spencer Yambrich


City of Fairfield
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Fairfield, OH 45014
(513) 867-5348 (phone)
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