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Clean-out Location Lookup

Homes built prior to 1967 used septic systems and were required to tie into the City's new sewer system. Homes constructed during this period were also being tied into the new sewer system and may not have been designed for a septic tank.

If a home was built prior to 1970, residents can search for the original sewer application document by entering the home's address in the fields below. The resulting document(s) contains the date the line was installed, contractor and a possible sketch indicating location of clean-outs.

Potential uses for this information may be homeowners who are looking for a clean-out location so the resident or commercial plumber may gain access to the lateral to perform routine maintenance (i.e. root removal).

Lateral Lookup

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Identifying Clean-outs

Residential and business clean-outs are typically found in the basement or at the outside property where the sewer lateral exits. Below are some pictures of typical clean-outs.



Typical residential basement clean-out.









Typical residential yard clean-out 







Clean-out cap.  

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If you are experiencing a Sewer Emergency or have water backing up in your basement contact the Wastewater Treatment Facility at (513) 858-7775 - After Hours

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