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Solids Handling at The City of Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Facility

The City of Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Facility produces a Class B Biosolid approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The facility utilizes primary settling, anaerobic digestion, sludge thickening by gravity dewatering, and Biosolids production by a belt Klampress. The final product is a nutrient filled Biosolid which provides numerous farms in Butler County an excellent fertilizer. Below is a basic overview of the process.

            Raw Sludge settles in the Primary settling tanks and is pumped daily to the Anaerobic Digesters. 

 Raw sludge is circulated and heated to a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit and broken down anaerobically. The total detention time in the Anaerobic Digesters is 50 days. A byproduct of the anaerobic digestion process is methane gas. The methane gas is stored in the Dystors on top of the digesters and used to produce heat. Enough methane is produced to provide heat for all the buildings at the facility and  maintain Digester temperature.


Waste Activated Sludge is dewatered on a gravity belt thickener, and sent to the Anaerobic Digesters.


The anaerobically digested sludge is sent to the belt Klampress for final dewatering. The sludge is sent through a series of of belts and rollers where it is dewatered and made into a Biosolid suitable for land application.


The Biosolids are conveyed to a dump truck.


The dump truck empties in the on-site Biosolids storage building where it is stored until farm fields are ready for application.    


The nutrient filled Biosolid is applied to numerous farm fields in Butler County as an excellent soil amender/fertilizer. Biosolids are applied at proper agronomic rates to prevent non-point source runoff. 

Crops flourish as a result of the City of Fairfield's Biosolid's program.




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