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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  Why is there a pink ring or a dark ring in my toilet?

A:  Bacteria, fungus, and mold spores normally found in the air can cause rings in your toilet bowl.  Wet surfaces provide an ideal environment for these organisms to live and reproduce quickly, growing together to form a ring.   The color of the ring depends on the type of bacteria, fungus, or mold that settles on the wet surface.

You can easily remove the rings with common household cleaners and a toilet bowl brush.  Keeping the toilet lid closed as much as possible will help minimize the number of spores that can enter the toilet and reduce the amount of light that the spores need for growth.


Q:  What causes pinhole leaks?


A:  There are many factors which may contribute to pitting in pipes according to national experts.  They include improper electrical grounding, substandard pipe manufacturing, improper installation, and excess plumbing flux.


Q:  Why are there so many chemicals in our water?


A:  The City adds chlorine to the water to disinfect the water from harmful bacteria.  The City adds fluoride to the water as required by state law to help prevent tooth decay.  Our fluoridation is only a supplement to the natural fluoride already found in ground water.  Lime is added to help soften the water.


Q:  Should I buy a home water softener?


A:  The choice to buy a home softener is a personal choice.  The water plant produces a balanced water that is moderately hard.

The water is balanced to promote neither depositing on the pipes nor corrosiveness to piping.  The benefit of a home softener is an appreciable savings in the consumption of soap and cleaning action.  The disadvantage is that zero hardness is corrosive.  Also, those individuals needing to watch their consumption of sodium should be aware that a water softener increases the amount of sodium in the water, and, therefore, in their diet when they drink the water.  The homeowner should monitor and blend the water to protect piping.  The water plant neither promotes nor discourages the use of water softeners.


Q:  Where can I report a leaking fire hydrant?

A:  To report a leaking or otherwise defective fire hydrant, please contact the City of Fairfield Public Utilities Water Division at 513-858-7775.


Q:  Who should I contact if I experience problems with my water?

A:  Questions concerning your water can be directed to 513-858-7775 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  For emergencies after business hours, you may also call the Water Division at 513-858-7775.


Q:  I see little blue flags with your telephone number in my area.  What does that mean?

A:  It means that there is probably an underground utility in your area that needs repair.  The blue flags mark the location of our water main.  This is a safety precaution so that our water main does not get damaged during the excavation to make the repair.


Q:  Where is the Fairfield Water Treatment Plant located?

A:  We are located at 5021 Groh Lane beside Water Works Park. 


Q:  What are the hours of operation for Fairfield's Water Treatment Plant?


A:  The water plant is staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Q:  Why does my water look cloudy?

A:  Cloudy water is generally caused by dissolved air bubbles in the water.  The air bubbles are harmless. They may be caused by pressure changes, temperature changes, or faucet aerators.  If you fill a glass with water and the air bubbles clear from the bottom of the glass toward the top of the glass, then the cloudiness is caused by air bubbles.


Q:  Where do I call to report a possible water main break?

A:  Please call the Water Division at 513-858-7775 at any time.


Q:  How do I get information about the quality of the water produced by the Fairfield Water Treatment Plant?

A:  During the first half of each year, the City of Fairfield issues our Consumer Confidence Report or CCR to the citizens of Fairfield providing the results of our drinking water analyses for the past year.  The USEPA and the OEPA set the water quality standards for safe drinking water.  The water produced at our plant consistently meets or exceeds all of these requirements.  If you have any questions about water quality, you may call the Water Division at 513-858-7775.


Q:  If my water has an odor, what should I do?

A:  Sometimes odors that seem to be coming from the water out of the faucet are actually coming from the drain.  If your water seems to have a "sewer" odor, you may want to fill a glass with water and take it to another room.  If the odor is not present in the other room, then the odor is probably coming from the drain.  Cleaning the drain should help correct the problem.


Q:  Why is my water rusty?


A:  Hydrant flushing, main breaks, fire-fighting or maintenance can stir up minerals in the lines causing the water to become rusty yellow or brown in color.  The rusty water will usually clear up within a couple of hours after the line has been repaired or the hydrant has been closed.  If the rusty water is in your lines, you will need to run the water for several minutes until the water becomes clear.  A rust remover can be used to remove stains from any laundry done during the rusty water occurrence.


Q:  What is the pH of Fairfield's water?

A:  The average pH of Fairfield's water is 8.2 s.u.


Q:  What is the hardness of Fairfield's water?

A:  The average hardness of the water is 124 mg/l or 7.2 gpg.


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If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at the Water Division at 513-858-7775. We would be happy to help answer any questions that you may have.