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Drinking Water Generator Power

In the Water Treatment Industry, emergency power generators are vital to insure customers are provided with an uninterrupted supply of high quality water in the event of a power outage. In the recent years, the City of Fairfield Water Treatment Division has been busy installing emergency power generators at the Water Treatment Plant and various booster pump stations throughout the City capable of sustaining an average daily demand of 5,000,000 gallons.

The Fairfield Water Treatment Plant has two power feeds from the power grid. They consist of a main feed and a dedicated back-up service. During the hurricane strength windstorm of September 14, 2008 that swept through the area, both services were lost for over 24 hours. Shortly afterward, the City installed a generator at the Water Plant that is capable of sustaining its water treatment operations with all the power needed to produce water for a 24 hour period. This generator has been nicknamed "Big IKE" by Public Utilities Department personnel. Since the generator's installation, the water treatment plant, groundwater wells, and booster pumping stations have been totally sustained for a 24 hour period using locally generated emergency power provided by "IKE" and other generators.

With the recent installation of a generator at the Muskopf Road Pump Station, it is now possible to serve 75% of our service area including the large users, Mercy Hospital and Cincinnati Financial, with emergency generator power. With this renovation, the station longevity will be increased by 40 years. It is also upgradeable should the system demand increase in the south end of town.

Public Utilities Department employees retrofitted a raw water well to be powered by an emergency generator in the event of a power failure. A second well is being retrofitted at this time. The work is being completed as weather conditions permit. Work on the second well should be completed in the Spring.

Currently, design work is being completed for a generator to serve commercial and industrial customers along the Route 4 corridor and Seward pressure zone. This project will start by the end of the year and should be completed early in 2012. With this improvement, Fairfield will be able to provide the average daily demand of 5 million gallons per day to 100% of customers. As with the other generator projects, this project was included in the 5 year Capital Improvement Planning budget.


The Treatment Plant Staff take pride in maintaining "Big Ike".