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City of Fairfield, Ohio

The Distribution System

The distribution system is made up of several storage towers, pump stations, pressure regulating

valves, hydrants, and approximately 200 miles of water main.  Before 1955, the water main was unlined cast iron.  Between 1956 and 1975, the industry began using lined cast iron for the water mains.  After 1976, this standard changed once again, when lined ductile iron became the standard for water mains. 

The normal flow of water through the distribution system will not remove the sediment in the mains.  The City has an annual flushing program to help remove this sediment from the system and to insure that all fire hydrants are operating properly.  This flushing program normally takes place for several weeks at the end of April through May.  Residents are notified prior to flushing by a news release and/or other means so that they may be aware that the distribution crews are working in their neighborhood.

If you suspect a water main break or a service leak, please call the Water Division at 858-7775 24 hours a day to report the location so that our distribution staff can investigate and make any necessary repairs.