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City of Fairfield, Ohio


Reporting Your Concerns

Neighbors of vacant property or properties with maintenance or zoning issues are encouraged to contact Building Inspection and Zoning at 513-867-5321 to initiate City involvement. In many cases, the property owner will remedy the issues. If not, prompt action can be taken to minimize the time necessary before the City steps in to maintain the property. Names of those filing complaints are not reported to a property owner.


Five Most Common Property Maintenance Violations

Could YOU be in Violation?

Most homeowners take great pride in their property and make diligent effort to maintain every aspect of their home. The collective effort of homeowners has a significant impact on the desirability of a community. When one property falls into disrepair or fails to meet local codes, the situation impacts adjacent homes.

Like most thriving communities, Fairfield has local rules and legislation to promote safety and repair of property. Over the years, five violations have been identified by inspectors in the Building & Zoning Division as being those most often cited in complaints.

Roof/Roof Drainage: By code, roof systems and downspouts must be maintained to ensure adequate drainage away from property to prevent dampness or damage to the walls or interior portions of a structure. Drains, gutters and downspouts must be free of obstruction and not discharge in such a manner that it creates a nuisance for others.

Swimming Pools: Installation of an inground or aboveground pool requires a building and electric permit. Any pool designed for a water depth of 18 or more inches must be protected by an enclosure at least four feet in height to ensure small children cannot access the pool. Gates must have self-latching closures to make the area inaccessible to small children.

Inoperable/Unlicensed Vehicles: Motor vehicles or trailers that are not operable or not licensed may not be kept on a property unless it is specifically zoned for such vehicles. Residential areas typically are not zoned for storage of such vehicles, where they may only be kept for a period up to 72-hours.

Parking: Motor vehicles or trailers may not be parked on grassy areas. Parking may only occur on paved surfaces adequately graded for drainage.

Rubbish/Garbage: Properties must be maintained in such a way as to be reasonably free of trash and litter so that areas are not a detriment to public health, unsightly or unsanitary.