Town Center DORA

A Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) has been approved by Fairfield City Council for the Fairfield Town Center area. The DORA is tentatively scheduled to begin operation during the week of July 11, 2022.


How do I DORA?

ORDER your favorite adult beverage in a DORA cup from a participating establishment.

DRINK within the DORA. Look for the signs; they are all around you!

DISCARD your single use cup in an appropriate trash receptacle.

REPEAT responsibly!


ENJOY the DORA 12pm – 12am daily.




What do I look for?

COF_DORA_WIndowCling _OL_Background-01

Indicates a business that serves liquor in a DORA cup

COF_DORA_WIndowCling _OL_Background-02

Indicates a business (e.g. retail store) that allows DORA cups inside

COF_DORA_WIndowCling _OL_Background-03

Indicates a business that does not permit DORA cups inside

What are the boundaries?

DORA map