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5846 Pleasant Avenue Subdivision - Concept Plan

An application has been submitted to change the zoning of 3.5 acres of land from R-0 (One-Family Residence District) to Planned Unit Development. The applicant proposes to build a 10 lot subdivision with one existing house to remain, one open space lot, and 8 new single family houses. The subject site is located on the east side of Pleasant Avenue, 200 feet south of Resor Road and across from Emerald Lake Subdivision.  

Planning Commission will discuss this submission on January 26, 2022 at 6:00 PM at the Municipal Building located at 5350 Pleasant Avenue. The meeting is open to the public and all residents are invited to attend.

Click here to view the site plan.

For any questions, please contact Erin Donovan, Planning Manager, at (513) 867-5345 or

City Barbecue – Final Development Plan

An application has been approved by Planning Commission for a Final Development Plan for a City Barbecue restaurant located at 6755 Dixie Highway. This is the site of the former Gold Star Chili located at the corner of Route 4 and Seward Road. The proposed 3,500 square foot restaurant will contain a drive-thru and an outdoor patio.

Click here to view the building elevations and site plan.

For any questions, please contact Erin Lynn, Planning Manager, at (513) 867-5345 or

Benzing Estates - Concept Plan

An application has been approved by Planning Commission to change the zoning of a property from B-1, Institutions and Office, to PUD, Planned Unit Development. The property is located on approximately 20 acres of land on the east side of South Gilmore Road (adjacent to Mercy Hospital), approximately 600 feet north of Mack Road. The applicant is proposing to construct  24 patio homes and 20 duplexes (40 units).

Click here to view the site plan.

For any questions, please contact Erin Lynn, Planning Manager, at (513) 867-5345 or

Planning and Zoning Code Update

The city is embarking on a year-long project to update the Planning and Zoning Code. The existing code was adopted in the early 1980s and has undergone piecemeal updates throughout the years. A goal from the 2019 Fairfield Forward Comprehensive Plan recommended a complete overall of the existing code in order to carry out the goals and policies outlined in the plan.

The Planning and Zoning Code is the city’s primary tool to guide development throughout the community. It sets standards as to how land can be used such as placement of a building on a lot, how tall a building can be, and the type of signage that can be used to advertise a business. It also addresses the design of new subdivisions in terms of roadway layout, lot size and drainage.

The update will look at making the code more user friendly by updating existing terminology, improving the overall organization, incorporating tables and graphics, and expanding design guidelines throughout the city where appropriate.

The city received proposals from several qualified consulting firms and ultimately selected McBride Dale Clarion, a local firm specializing in code revisions, to lead the update for the city.  

To follow the process and stay up-to-date on proposed changes, please visit

COVID-19 Small Business Relief Grant

Recognizing that small businesses were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Fairfield City Council and the Butler County Commissioners set aside funding from the federal CARES Act to provide grants to eligible small businesses. Locally-owned businesses with a physical storefront in the city were assisted through grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, based on the number of employees of the business. The results are highlighted below:



The City of Fairfield Development Services Department is responsible for all building and site plan reviews, comprehensive city planning, economic development, flood zone administration, building permits and inspections, and property maintenance inspections.

The Department is devoted to growing, maintaining, and enhancing Fairfield’s commercial and residential base. Staff prides itself on being business-friendly, with a sharp focus on customer service. The Department also provides support and guidance for City Council, Planning Commission, and the Board of Zoning Appeals.