Sheds, Garages, & Accessory Buildings

Before Construction or Erection of Building

The erection or construction of a shed, garage or accessory building requires a building permit, for more information view the Building Permit page.

The building permit fee for a shed, garage or accessory building is based on the total cost of the project. Any shed or building 150 square feet or less and not on a concrete foundation must obtain a no-cost zoning certificate.  All other sheds and buildings (cannot be more than 500 square feet) must obtain a building permit.

Please note, the information provided below is for general information purposes only. Residents are reminded that all plans must comply with the 2013 Residential Code of Ohio.

Required Submittals

-One copy of a plot plan.
The plan should indicate the location of the proposed project with the dimensions of property lines, house and any existing structures.  Staff can provide assistance.

-One copy of the construction plans
(Not required for zoning certificates).
Image of freshly built shed with off road vehicle inside

Required Inspections

Construction of a shed, garage or accessory building requires the following inspections:
  • Footing (before concrete is poured)
  • Rough framing
  • Final (when structure is complete)

Structure Requirements

  • If the structure is attached to a house, it may be located in the side yard if it is away from the property line by ten percent of the lot width.
  • If the structure is detached, it cannot be located in the front or side yards and must be six feet from all property lines and the primary structure.
  • A total accessory structure cannot take up more than 35% of the required rear yard.
  • The maximum allowable size of a detached accessory building is 500 square feet.
  • The exterior wall surface of an accessory building or structure, if greater than 100 square feet, shall not be made of metal, resin, plastic or non-finished composite material.