Swimming Pools

Before Construction

A permit application is required for all private and public swimming pools 24 inches or more in depth.

Residents wishing to erect a swimming pool on their property are required to obtain a Building Permit and an electrical permit. The cost of the building permit is based on the total cost of the project.

Electrical Permits

Electrical permits are separate from the building permit and must be obtained by an electrician that is registered with the City of Fairfield or the homeowner. If the homeowner is obtaining the permit, that individual must occupy the residence.

-Above ground pool construction requires one electrical permit (swimming pool wiring) at a cost of $25.
Before and after swimming pool example
-In-ground pool construction requires two electrical permits (swimming pool wiring and swimming pool bonding). The pool company may obtain the swimming pool bonding permit. The total fees are $50.

Required Submittals

-One copy of a plot plan
 Must show the location of the pool and filter, with dimensions of each to the property lines, and location of the fence, if required.

-One copy of pool drawings with dimensions and pool details.
These plans should indicate how pool backwashing and pool drainage are to be accomplished and to where.

Above Ground Pool Required Inspections

Above ground pool construction requires the following inspections:

Building Inspection

  • Final (when pool installation is complete)

Electrical Inspections

  • Trench
  • Final (the electrical inspections can be done at the same time, providing the pump is operational

In-Ground Pool Required Inspection

In-ground pool construction involves the following inspections:

Building Inspections

  • Footing (before concrete is poured)
  • Final (when pool installation is complete)

Electrical Inspections

  • Bonding (if there is a wet niche light, potting compound inspection is done at the same time)
  • Trench
  • Final (the trench and the final inspection can be done at the same time, providing pump is operational)
Inspection requests may be made by calling the Building and Zoning Division at 513-867-5318.

Structural Requirements

  • In-ground pools are required to have a fence, a minimum height of four feet and a maximum of 6 feet. If the property is not fenced, a site plan showing location of new fence enclosing pool area or property is required. Fences placed in the right-of-way easements are the risk of the property owner.
  • Above-ground pools that are 4 feet or higher above ground level are not required to have a fence if the pool ladder can be locked in an upright position for no pool access.
  • Adequate provisions for drainage shall be made subject to approval by the City Engineer or the Director of Public Utilities.
  • Any lighting used to illuminate the pool area shall be so arranged as to deflect the light from adjoining properties.
  • No person, firm or corporation shall construct or install a commercial swimming pool or make any alteration thereon or in the appurtenances thereof without having first obtained a zoning certificate for such construction, installation or alteration.

Important Details to Consider

A pond or stock tank shall not be considered to be a swimming pool. However, if such an installation is used for commercial recreational purposes, then it shall be classified as a swimming pool and the above regulations shall apply.

If located in any A or R district, the pool shall be intended and used solely for the enjoyment of the occupants of the principal building of the property on which it is located and their guests, or for the enjoyment of bona fide members of a club and their guests.

The pool may be located anywhere on the premises except in required front yards, provided it shall not be located closer than 10 feet to any property line of the property on which located; and provided that pump and filter installations shall not be located closer than 20 feet to any such property line. Please direct any questions to the Building and Zoning Division at 513-867-5318.

Public Swimming Pools

All public swimming pools are required to have approval by the Ohio Department of Health in accordance with rule 3701-31-03 of the Ohio Administrative Code. The approval of all county and state authorities having jurisdiction over swimming pools shall be obtained by the applicant before applying to the code official for approval.

Certified copies of these approvals shall be filed as part of the supporting data for the plan approval application. Public pools, and towers or slide structures exceeding three meters in height, shall be engineered and designed to withstand all applied loads. The towers or slide structures shall be provided with a stairway designed and constructed in accordance with the OBBC.

Contact the aforementioned agencies for additional requirements and regulations for public pools. For public pools, visit the Butler County Board of Health website or call 513-863-1770. In addition contact the Ohio Department of Health at 614-644-5597.