Building & Zoning Codes


Understand the requirements of compliance with various codes, staff technical review approval and planning commission approval, as well as various fees, are required for most projects. View the details regarding the following codes or ordinances:

Building Code (Part 13)

  • The city’s building code covers regulations, licensing of contractors, relocation of structures, unsafe structures, permit fees and deposits.
  • All 1, 2, and 3 family residential structures and manufactured housing is regulated by the Residential Code of Ohio, which has been incorporated into Fairfield’s local codified ordinances.
  • All family or more residential, commercial and industrial is regulated by the Ohio Building Code (OBC) and the Ohio Mechanical Code (OMC), which have been incorporated into the City of Fairfield’s local codified ordinances.
  • The building inspection staff is available to provide information about the code, permits and inspection procedures.
  • The party preparing the construction drawings should be familiar with the building code and is responsible for preparing plans to conform to code.

 For further information, contact the Building and Zoning division at 513-867-5318.

Zoning Code (Part 11)

  • The zoning code has been adopted to promote and protect the public health, safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity and/or the general welfare of Fairfield’s citizens by regulating the area and dimensions of land, yards and open spaces.
  • This is accomplished by regulating and restricting the bulk, height, design, percent of lot occupancy and location of buildings as well as by limiting population density through the establishment of zoning districts.
  • The particular zone may be changed by a legislative process involving the Planning Commission and City Council. A variance to the zoning code is permitted through official action by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

 For further information view the zoning code website or contact the Building and Zoning Division at 513-867-5318.

Fire Code (Part 15)

  •  Fairfield local fire ordinances have also incorporated the International Fire Code.
  •  These codes regulate operations concerning structures and include standards for safe occupancy.

For more information, please contact the Fairfield Fire Department via telephone at 513-867-5379 or Email the Fire Department.

 Sign Ordinance (Chapter 1187)

  • The sign ordinance was designed to provide reasonable, yet appropriate conditions for identifying and advertising the goods a business sells or services it renders. This is accomplished by relating the size, type and design of the area in which that business is located.
  • The type of sign and size is calculated by the amount of frontage which exists along the street or building frontage.

For additional information, please contact the Building and Zoning division at 513-867-5318.

Subdivision Rules & Regulations (Title 1)

A subdivision is the division of land for development purposes. The city establishes regulation pertaining to this division to ensure planned growth that is compatible with adjacent land uses and that proper public improvements are installed.

Full details are available by contacting the Development Services Department at 513-867-5345 or Email Development Services.