Development Site Plan Review

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The City of Fairfield has a weekly staff technical review meeting to review development plans for all projects in the city, with the exception of individual residential lots. Plans are reviewed for compliance with the Building and Zoning Code, fire safety regulations, water and sewer connections, storm water detention, traffic impact, and other related planning and development items. No construction permit will be issued until the plans have been approved. The initial site plan review will be performed within 2 weeks of plan submittal to the city.

Submitting Plans

Please complete the Site Plan Review Application  and refer to the Site Plan Checklist for a list of plan requirements. Four sets of printed plans and a digital submittal are required to be submitted to the Development Services Department for the initial review. Digital submittals should be emailed to Development Services. To review the City’s construction specifications, please see the Construction Specifications Handbook.

To apply for a new water or sewer service, please complete and submit a Water and Sewer Service Application (PDF).

Click here for a  template for a post-construction water quality Best Management Practice Operation & Maintenance Plan.