Finance Department

E-File and E-Pay Your Taxes

The City of Fairfield is happy to announce E-File and E-Pay services. A convenient and secure way to file and pay taxes online. The City of Fairfield is encouraging residents to save paper and skip the printing, writing, envelopes, stamps and checks. Instead, file and pay your taxes online using E-File and E-Pay. To utilize these services, please visit the Income Tax Portal. To set up an online account, you will need a new account number as well as your social security number. To obtain your new account number, please contact us at Income Tax Email and provide your name, address, and last four digits of your social security number, or call the Tax Office at (513) 867-5327. There is no fee for E-file but fees may apply to online payments.

Manage Your Utility Account

To access or pay your account online, visit the Utility Billing Payment Portal.

To view our Utility Billing page, click here.