Income Tax Division

Tax Season city annex sign

The City of Fairfield has mandatory filing for all residents over the age of 18, as well as all businesses that are located in or are doing business in Fairfield.  

The local tax return is due April 15 and must include all W2s, Federal 1040, any schedules, and a signature to be considered filed.

Extension to file

Taxpayers who are granted a Federal or State extension are automatically granted an extension to file their Fairfield tax return. While the Ohio Revised Code does not require the taxpayer to notify the local tax office, it is recommended to do so.

Notifying the tax office of the extension prior to filing the return is encouraged for the following reasons:

1. It reduces unnecessary correspondence to residents;

2. It helps to keep the Tax Office accounts in a current status;

3. It helps the Tax Office to more effectively utilize tax revenue, which is mutually benefiting to the city and the community it serves.

If you would like to notify the tax office of your extension, please send an email to with the word extension in the subject line. Please include your full name and address in the email. The extension should be attached to the email or submitted with your Local Income Tax return.

Please also remember, the extension does not extend the time to pay.

1099-G Statements for Refunds/Credit

Each year during tax season, the City of Fairfield Division of Taxation issues 1099-G statements to individual taxpayers, notifying them that they have received a refund or credit.

State and local tax authorities must file information returns with IRS on Form 1099-G with respect to individuals’ income tax refunds, or credits or offsets with respect to income taxes, aggregating $10 or more in one calendar year. The return must include the aggregate amount of the state or local income tax refund (credit or offset).

A “credit or offset” is a tax overpayment which, in lieu of being refunded to the taxpayer, is either applied against an existing liability of the taxpayer, or is available for application against a future liability of the taxpayer, or otherwise used or available for use for the taxpayer’s benefit.

Please consult with your tax preparer concerning the taxability of this 1099-G issued to you for Tax year 2019. If you have any questions, please call the City of Fairfield tax office at 513-867-5327.