Fire Safety Poster Contest

The Fire Department will hold its annual Fire Safety Poster Contest for grades K through 5 again this year.

Flyers will be distributed to each of the schools on Monday, Oct. 9, announcing the contest and this year’s theme. The posters will be due at their schools on Monday, Oct. 23. 

Fire department personnel will come to the school and judge the poster and announce the winners that day. A first place ribbon will be placed on the winning poster. Several other posters will receive honorable mention ribbons and all other will receive participation ribbons. Each poster will receive a ribbon. 

All posters will be left at the school to display as each school sees fit. As in the past, a winner from each school building will be chosen. 

On November 1st and 2nd, the winners and their teacher, if available, will be picked up at their respective school building and taken for a short ride on the fire truck. Firefighters will then serve breakfast to the winners and their teachers at a fire station. We will check for allergies and a potential menu for the breakfast with the teacher and or the parents of the students. 

We encourage parents to join us for breakfast. It usually makes for a great photo opportunity for the child, parents and teacher!

Questions?  Contact LT. Neal Ressler, (513) 858-7730,

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