Butler County Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court

Unless placed in the Juvenile Diversion Program, juveniles arrested in Fairfield enter the Butler County Juvenile Court system, which has jurisdiction over the following types of cases:

  • Abuse
  • Adult Criminal
  • Custody
  • Delinquent
  • Dependency
  • Juvenile Traffic
  • Neglect
  • Paternity
  • Support
  • Unruly
  • Visitation

The system provides a continuum of services, providing both short-term and longer-term care, rehabilitation and correction. Discover more details about the continuum of services of Butler County.

Juvenile Detention Center

The Juvenile Detention Center is a 66 bed temporary holding facility for juveniles who have been charged with offenses and are in need of secure placement pending their case action. The facility houses up to 66 residents, utilizing a classification system to separate youth based on age, sex, and seriousness of offense.

Juvenile Rehabilitation Center

The Butler County Juvenile Rehabilitation Center serves felony level offenders from Butler, Clermont, Clinton and Warren counties and has long been recognized as one of the leaders in juvenile corrections programming. Youth incarcerated in the facility are exposed to a variety of programming, individualized to meet their unique needs. Programming for youth includes victim empathy and cognitive restructuring, along with offense specific programming for sex offenders and youth with chemical dependency issues. While in the program, parents of these young people are also involved in programming designed to aid smoothly transitioning the youth back into the community.