Court Rules

Rules of Practice and Procedure for Fairfield Municipal Court

It is hereby ordered, pursuant to Rule 18 of the Ohio Supreme Court Rules of Superintendence for Municipal Courts and County Courts, that the following Rules be adopted for the regulation of practice and procedure of the Fairfield Municipal Court in Civil, Criminal, and Traffic cases, effective January, 1, 2015. All previous rules are hereby rescinded.

These Rules and Orders shall be recorded by the Clerk in the Journal of the Court, and after said recording the Clerk shall cause a copy of these Rules to be made available to members of the Bar and litigants, upon request. And further, a copy shall be forwarded to the Ohio Supreme Court in accordance with Sup.R5(A)(3) of the Rules of Superintendence.


                The Fairfield Municipal Court Clerk of Court attests that the Clerk’s Office maintains all records that are used in the administration and operation of the Court.

          The Clerk’s Office of Fairfield Municipal Court maintains its records in a manner that allows inspection of its public records and will provide copies of requested records within a reasonable amount of time at a cost of 25 cents per printed page.

          The Clerk’s Office of Fairfield Municipal Court retains and disposes of the records pursuant to the Rules of Superintendence 26, 26.01 and 26.05 as established by the Ohio Supreme Court.  These Rules are available to the public at:

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