Juvenile Diversion Program

The Juvenile Diversion Program provides first-time non-violent juvenile offenders with early intervention services as an alternative to the official court system and a permanent record. The program teaches youth that their actions have consequences and that the choices they make now will affect them the rest of their lives. The program requires participation from both the juvenile and the parents.

How the Program Works

Police officers can elect to refer first-time, non-violent offenders to the Juvenile Diversion Program. The juvenile must be between the ages of 9 and 17 and live in the City of Fairfield, or be a student in the Fairfield City School District.

Upon referral to the program, the juvenile and parents meet with the Juvenile Diversion Program counselor. If the juvenile and parents agree to participate in the program, they must sign a Juvenile Diversion Program contract (PDF) that outlines a specific set of conditions that must be met. Participation is voluntary, and a referral to the Butler County Juvenile Court is the alternative for a juvenile who does not meet the conditions set forth by the counselor.

Parental Compliance

Parents must also comply with the requirements of the program. This may include a referral for parental skills training, family counseling, or participation in a drug/alcohol treatment program. If both the juvenile and parents successfully fulfill the requirements of the program, the police referral will be expunged when the juvenile reaches age 18.

Further Information

If you need more information about the Fairfield Police Department’s Juvenile Diversion Program, you may call the juvenile diversion counselor at 513-896-8237.