City Seal

The City of Fairfield’s seal was designed to symbolize the integrated characteristics that have established Fairfield, Ohio, as the City of Opportunity.

The significance of the symbols comprising the seal is described as follows:

The importance and interdependence of national, state and local government is symbolized by the shield of the United States and the banner of the State of Ohio, both of which imply that the local government functions within their jurisdiction for the good of all.

Fairfield Ohio Seal
Seal Business

Industry, and its key position in the economy of the City, is symbolized by the modern factory.

Seal Education

The Bible and books of knowledge symbolize the interdependence of religion and education, and their combined influence on the ideals and policies of the City and its citizens.

Seal Technology

The nuclear symbol of atomic orbits girdling the earth symbolizes future growth and prosperity of Fairfield.

Seal Government

The interdependence of each of the component parts on the others is symbolized by the gears encompassing each component, and meshing with the others. The rotation of one causes equal rotation of all, for an integrated, well-balanced community: Fairfield, Ohio - City of Opportunity.


The seal was designed and the explanation above written by Mr. Calvin T. Hershner, Jr. This seal was selected by a panel of judges consisting of Dean Ernest Pickering of the University of Cincinnati; Mr. Walter Hildebrand of the Fisher Body Corporation; and Mr. Howard White of Miami University as the best seal of a group of 40 top entries screened and selected by the City seal committee.


The seal was officially accepted and adopted by Fairfield City Council on Monday, December 9, 1963, as the official seal of the City of Fairfield.