2016 Annual Overlay

The City’s overlay program is an annual maintenance project that replaces deficient curb and resurfaces old pavement. Each year, streets are selected to be included in this project based on the current condition and age of the pavement. Residents, businesses and motorists can expect temporary delays and closures as crews perform the necessary work. Streets for this year’s curb and overlay include:

  • Camelot Court
  • Camelot Drive
  • Deis Drive
  • Lake Circle Drive
  • Lake Cumberland Drive
  • River Road Service Drive (between Gray and Lake Circle)
  • Sandy Lane
  • Shenandoah Drive
  • Wessel Drive
  • Yellowstone Drive

Project Information

  • Curb Contractor: Prus Construction
  • Curb Budget Price: $700,000
  • Pavement Contractor: JR Jurgensen
  • Pavement Cost: $789,499.79
  • Project Completion: November 2016